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Vehicles feel... weak. They stall while going up inclines, are weightless, handle too poorly.
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While the infantry combat and movement is definetely in the right track and looks to be promising, vehicle movement and handling leaves much to be desired.

You don't get that feeling of a powerful engine feeding a military-grade vehicle. Any vehicle available in the Alpha, from the Offroad to the Hunter, stall while going up even the most low inclines.

They also feel weightless, not as heavy as you'd expect them to handle as. The ifrit easily topples over even after a moderately steep turn, and if you drive off a platform, even at low speeds, the things f*cking fly.

I'm told this problematic behaviour stems from ArmA 2.


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Seems similar to this? issue 0004587

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Vehicles work as expected. To test this go into the editor spawn a civ pick up truck, drive down the runway as fast as you can go and pull a hard turn, the vehicle wont flip. Now for irl test. Join the US Army, get assigned to a unit that uses the in game Oshkosh M-ATV find a long stretch of highway or runway.

Get the vehicle up to the in game max speed. Pull the hardest turn possible, count how many times you flip (this may be difficult as the driver, maybe get a friend to count for you) If the amount of rollovers does not equal what happens in game then BI probably needs to tweak a few things.

Vehicle physics haven't been fully implemented. wait until Beta before you start talking vehicle physics the TOH model for the heli has yet to be introduced and neither has the vehicle model.

We have these items as a base test of animation and functionality when in use. these things will get better as they actually release the systems that control the vehicle physics. There are many many people who keep posting the same thing.

Good to hear! As it stands, I like the Arma 2 vehicle physics better than the current PhysX implementation!

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Do I need to repost what I wrote? why would you bump this?

Pvt.Dancer 03-15-2013

"Vehicle physics haven't been fully implemented. wait until Beta before you start talking vehicle physics the TOH model for the heli has yet to be introduced and neither has the vehicle model.

We have these items as a base test of animation and functionality when in use. these things will get better as they actually release the systems that control the vehicle physics. There are many many people who keep posting the same thing."

yeah physx is a joke right now. i haven't noticed any "dynamic" physics modeling and quite frankly arma 2 handled a lot better(and more realistically)

This definitely needs to be adressed, alongside the subpar helicopter flightmodels.

Vehicles in ArmA3 are better than in PlanetSide 2, but feel a bit like rubber, they jump around weightless and like unaffected by gravity (too jumpy and fast).

Driving them is still hell lot of fun. Love the civilian pick-up truck.

@PvtDancer this is a codeissue tracker. We report things that we feel are inadequate. There's no point in you telling us to wait for the Beta. We report the issue and either they ignore it if the Beta is gonna fix it anyway, or do something about it.

Learn how these things work.


Ontop of that: Well it indeed is nice that BI implemented different gears (like first gear, second gear -and so on)

But it feels like the automatic transmission switches the gears way to fast and thats the reason why the acceleration is so low.

"Vehicles work as expected" perhaps as you expect not as anyone who has had a feeling for the weightiness of vehicles. Perhaps when you get your drivers license you can test it. For now leave it to the big boys please. Yes I agree, vehicles do not react realistically at all, and it's like there's no gravity or they are extremely light.

Bump, friends.

The vehicles are okay on inclines.

They are weightless though and enable especially the AI to drive too aggressively, resulting in them to wreck them. So that part is upvoted, but please, no warp 9 trucks going up 45° slopes.

Vehicles are not ok on inclines... a Iveco Lince (for example, quite close to the hunter in the game) it's a 4.6 tons vehicle and still can climb quite steep slopes at 15Km/h with a full load.. the hunter's engine stalls on even the lowest slope at max speed of 5Km/h

I would take a look at the turning rate of the vehicles while we are at it. Driving the bus in Arma2 had me think the turnrate was awful and annoying, not because it wasn't realistic, but because it was woefully inadequate.

@IntaGoat exactly what Kid18120 said, the damn thing, even though it's supposed to be a heavy duty battle vehicle, stalls on even the smallest incline.

You tend to forget that current alpha is focused on infantry.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

bez added a comment.Jun 23 2013, 7:42 PM


I totally agree with this issue.

This behavior is from OPF not ARMA2, especially the weak engine not able to climb
a little hill or slowing down when you drive to gravel or grass from a tarmac road.


Nothing has seem to improve in the Beta.
It still feels like driving paper cars, just like in original OFP.
Where is the PhysX? I don't feel any of it.

  1. The civilian car can't go over 90 kph on a tarmac road, really? what is it, a car from 1940?
  2. The hand brake does not seem to lock the wheels and cause drift it just stop the car like the normal breaks.
  3. Cars jump way too high from every little rock, and still seems to land on the wheels almost always.
  4. Cars landing after a jump seems to land very smoothly, no impact on the ground, feels like a paper car.
  5. Acceleration seems to be poor across all vehicles.
  6. Even truck with powerful diesel engines seems to have not enough torque to climb hills the smallest incline will bring almost all vehicles to a complete halt.
  7. wiggling the steering wheel erratically from side to side will not cause the car to loose grip, instead the car will just slow down and stop.

This should be addressed, ATM I don't see any difference from old ARMA games (maybe a small one)
but not anything that remotely resemble to modern vehicle PhysX in games.

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I am forced to agree. The vehicles lack momentum and traction. Turning them is very close to yawing a heli at this point. Turning a corner at speed causes the vehicle to fish tail like mad.

Perhaps what is required is two separate forms of physics, one for realism, the other for arcade. Whilst realism is great, arcade physics are fun.

Agreed, hell the AMV-7 can't break 20km/h when moving from standstill on the road with the guardrail South of Agia Marina.

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Peter added a comment.Jul 3 2013, 6:27 PM

Yeah, should be a better way to implement that. Upvoted.

Thank you for your interest, guys.

Let's hope the reviewed status also means "taken into consideration" :)

bez added a comment.Jul 24 2013, 3:27 PM

Please no comments if you didn't read it through, sorry for no tl;dr version.

I know the game is still in Beta but since I still see no improvements in vehicles what so ever,
I will try and explain what I think should be done.

First suggestion I would make is, PLEASE hire someone who have experience
in game vehicle physics, (professional animators would also be nice).
As much as I love you guys, it is clear this is not your strong point.
One man who knows how to do it, will do it better than all your team combined and faster.

Now, knowing this is probably not going to happen I suggest you focus on one car,
make it as best as you can, and only then move on to the other cars.
Don't loose your self in all the cars before you have a solid foundation, which is not there yet, at all.

So here are my general suggestions:

  1. Turn from lock to lock, is only half a turn, most games have almost a full turn at least.
  1. Speed of turn from lock to lock is very very slow, most games have it a bit faster,

and together with more turns from lock to lock, it makes the steering more responsive and accurate.

  1. Cars are not heavy enough, or, gravity is not strong enough, anyway, one of them is way off.

cars are midair too long after a jump, and while landing, they seem not have enough impact with the ground,
almost as they are made from plastic.

  1. Cars magically slow down off road, I can drive a family sedan on a gravel road 100 kph no problem,

sure it will be on the expanse of grip, but it is possible.

  1. Grip, there is no difference in grip from tarmac to gravel to grass etc, the only difference is speed.

on a gravel road the car should drift while turning in high speeds, maybe loose the grip altogether and spin
out of control. At the moment it is impossible to loose grip in anyway, the car just slow down.

  1. Hand-Break, while I noticed it does lock the back wheels, it does not cause any drift while Hand-Breaking and turning.

which kind of render the Hand-Break pointless at the moment. this should be used to take sharp turns fast with out losing speed,
making 180 turns, flipping from revers back to forward driving fast in a need of a getaway etc...

  1. Reverse, is damn too slow.
  1. cars can't be flipped at all, while in real life it is extremely hard to flip a car, and you need to be extra stupid (or crazy)

to actually flip a car, it is still very much possible. at the moment even when the car is flipped, it magically flips back instantly.
If a car is flipped while driving fast over a turn hitting a rock, the car should flip and roll, Physx guys, use it!!

  1. Front tires getting punctured when the front bumper hit something, well it's just stupid, i don't think I need to explain that even.

Same goes for the back wheels and bumper.

  1. Speed, most cars are just too slow, but I guess it's more of a personal taste.

There is probably allot more, but I think this list is a must to fix, excluding number 10 maybe.
I would really love you guys actually take care of this, it is a much needed fix after all these years.

Good luck.