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I found the cause of the 30+ fps drops (forest trees)
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I spawned at Airstation mike 26, normal lone trees in the front,forest trees in the back. i turn back to look at the forest trees and drop 30 or 40 fps. it might be too many leaves in the trees texture or something other, bohemia, please take a look at your forest trees and try to fix the problem. {F18049}


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Spawn at Airstation mike 26 in the editor look toward the lone trees, now take a look at the forest behind you. the trees are what causes mst of the lag you see in arma 3.

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If Bohemia Interactive fixes their trees by modifying textures or meshes, than arma 3 would be lag free. that is the main cause of all of the lag you see. please do something Bohemia about your trees.

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I have a picture of the trees that cause lag in the above file

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I'm running the game with a quad core 3.5 ghz, radeon hd 6770 and 3 gb of ram and don't see any fps drop in that place. Perhaps it's something related to your hardware configuration, what are your computer specs?

Your report is useless without hardware specs and game settings.

Well, looks like this report isnt going to go well. my specs are just fine, can play farcry 3 on ultra without lag. game settings are high standard mix

Disable anti-aliasing and shadows, lower postprocessing and object view distance and you'll get more FPS in scenes with a high density of foliage.

So... Basically take away all the nice things of arma 3 and get rid of them? nah im good

Nope - just put some time into finding reasonable settings that work for every scene.

Some examples:

Shadows - High vs. Ultra

Different AA & PP settings

22 FPS difference between highest and lowest settings of the pictures above and nearly no difference in the resulting image quality ...

I experience the same thing. The trees just kill my fps. I go from a solid 60fps with everything on high, to needing to drop everything to low and sliding my rendering resolution to 75% (of 1280x720), to just make 30 when I've got trees in front of me.

Dozens of explosions with vehicles all over, rockets flying, bullets firing all over, 30 soldiers per side in a gunfight... no drop. Look at trees, BAM! Slideshow.

SkyeFyre did you take a look at the pictures above?

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this is neither of major severity nor of immediate priority.

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The trees and bushes are much more optimized then ArmA 2. I also have a bit lower fps when there is a bunch of vegetation around me in the alpha, but it is far better then the lagfest forests/trees in ArmA 2.

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The devs need your specs or attached a DxDiag file, so they can cross-reference which hardware may cause some issues.

and they always come up with something like "change your graphics card" or some other stuff like that. this would be better off closed, it seems like other people dont have the issue. ill just try verifying cache files or some stuff like that

Closing on request. Re-open if you think it's appropriate.