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[VIDEO IN DETAILS] The AI can't hit the player if you keep strafing in one direction and keep staring at the enemy.
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If you keep strafing in one direction none-stope while keeping the crosshair on the are literally immune to his fire. Closer up at ~50m you can begin sprinting to avoid any stray bullets from hitting you and you can simply hug the enemy after that.


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Run forward while strafing either side, keep the crosshair on the enemy. Closer at 50m begin sprinting and you will avoid any incoming fire even if it seems to go through the screen.

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Kind of funny but definitely a problem. ^^ Upvoted.

the video is hilarious!

definitly +1


I did it myself so many time, should've made a video with yakety sax with it...

Awesome vid. Voted.

Hilarious but true! Also related to AI blindness at close range -- please upvote this one as well.

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What was the difficulty?

Heres a video I made demonstrating the AI's poor ability to hit at different ranges. All skills are set to max.

The video says this is due to slow turn rate but this is not the case at the longer ranges. My guess is it is due to poor ability to lead the target.

Not completely immume, but they do take multiple magazines before one of the AI finally hits you if you strafe.

issue from Arma 2 :)

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Its definitely harder to hit someone moving sideways. However if you move at the same side for too long the enemy should be able to lead his bullets better after a while.

We still need to be able to zig zag away from hairy situations and not get super duper AI that hit us even if we run crazy patterns. :)

And difficulty should determine this. The lowest setting could have AI with crap shooting skills so the new player gets a chance to feel the game and not die every second.

since I cannot change difficulty settings, I assume this actually IS wanted to represent the lowest AI skills...still, vote up! Too hilarious!

Shooting moving targets is harder... but not that hard. There is a clearly a problem here. Ai won't even engage strafing enemies at more than 100 metres, and at anything less they are more likely to expend all their ammunition than hit you even on full skill.

After some more testing after the .52, I find this problem only occurs when strafing right. When strafing left they hit easily, although they refuse to engage you when strafing over 100 metres no matter which way. All on full skill. and the ai is just a basic rifle man.

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Funny video!

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

+100 IA are bad, at close range it can't kill us cause of the slow turn rate and at long range it kill us cause of the unrealistic accurate aim, not affected by recoil, suppression effect or injury...

This works even on ELITE.
It's like Resident Evil 1.

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From what I noticed it only works with AI armed with Negev LMG. Usual rifleman don`t have that problem .

I lost all my composture of seriousness demanded by AI ticket reviewing with this repro. Good job Katulobotomia Attenborough. Voted.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.