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Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE) integration
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This is something that should be part of the game!

That's all I want to say.


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I like ACRE but have to use the TS3 Overlay plugin to see the names of people talking and it's buggy and doesn't always work, or TS3 crashes, so an in-game implementation of proper radios, with associated radio-quality sound when talking over radios, would be great.

Ditto concerning names not showing with TeamSpeak. It gets a little irritating with people using TeamSpeak, usually those boasting of it's features, always transmit assuming everybody knows who they are! ;-)

About the only benefit of TeamSpeak is it's adjustable quality of record and playback.

Also, the map makers are still separating pilots and/or implementing too many multiple groups, effectively making Group Chat channel useless. All pilots should be placed into one group within maps, so they can all communicate as main air traffic control frequency and not clutter the ground ops channels. ;-)

Should be one pilot group containing all pilots. Should be one sea group, containing all sea ops. Should be no more than two ground ops groups. Maybe an additional for special sea ops moving to ground ops. Keep all specialized unit groups to a minimum, or integrate your Special Unit slots into the previously mentioned groups. Hence, keeping pilots all to one group, as with other operations!

Currently, the maps I've seen poorly implement the groups, making Group Channel useless unless the map integrates a "move to another group" scripting. This additional scripting, players can not easily utilize at most times.

I fret since this is such a current mess, when the larger map is released on final release, communications will be futile! (The final map is suppose to be 20x's the size of Stratis?) The only real way of managing 100+ players will be to ensure communications are limited by range as they are within the real world, and Groups are effectively implemented within the maps.

(I should mention, all of this information I provided within this post is easily obtained by reading your local national Amateur Radio public guides. ;-)

roger most of that has nothing to do with ACRE & more to do with closing off the freedom the mission designer has with the editor.

In ACRE each group can grab a group radio & set a channel to use, solves a lot of problems.

Another disadvantage with ACRE is that the missions have to be designed for it and make the radios available. If proper radios were implemented in-game, then every mission would have them available by default, as VON is (but that's buggy so doesn't get used much and people tend to just use TS3 without ACRE to talk but then you have to make channels, move people about and use the whisper plugin to talk across channels).

+1000 a coop between BIS dev and ACRE creator that can permit to use ACRE as a default VOIP system in the game WITH DIFFICULTY OPTION for disabled it if someone what it to be disabled for simple player or for some server not hardcore.

And it will be a way to stop the AI message spamming, also the possibility to turn on or off the military radio style voice distortion, for sure i will use it and use radio distortion !

And it won't need a lot of work, ACRE itself is a really nice thing that work well, rather than use external audio interface like TS it just have to be integrated with the VOIP system !

Integrating ACRE as a straight copy/paste wouldn't work due to the fact ACRE is reliant on TS for a number of it's features. ACRE was also done by a team, not one person & some of them are busy now a days.

I know it can't work as a simple copy and paste.
But , i think BIS team have more possibility, knowledge and resources than the team who create ACRE.
Also BIS team only need authorization from original creator of this mods.
And Arma have a working VOIP system that work well.
they can copy the interface of ACRE and link it to channel control.
Distance are including inside ACRE, and VOIP will work at 2 thing, direct communication (always) and ACRE like (if we talk inside the radio someone next to us without radio have to hear us), frequency will not be hard, maybe a sub channel system, each radio = they own channel, frequency = who can hear who in this channel, it don't need to be a total rework of the channel system, just a system that control it, mainly if we want to keep the actual for less realistic radio options.
Anyway the team who have created ACRE can't do anything except give to BIS team the source files

well ACRE is for TS use mainly. I rather would like to see the possibility to use somthing like an "Advanced Radio Protocol" that can be used if wanted ingame for MP session with the voip function already in the game, as i find the channels as they are at the moment very limeting in coordination of bigger teams. This Advanced Radio Protocol can be very basic (communiaction device,digital channels, signal positining, range..) but should give the nessecary tools and functions to create something like ACRE inside the game as additional script or mod with clientside content. Would be a big plus for Arma. I still upvote this.

I agree that we don't need to have ACRE per se integrated but that there should be proper radios built-in to the game, so that by default players will have access to them on all missions.

I think if just the basics are added first, so that each player has a short-range radio which can be switched channels to avoid cross-coms with nearby players in different squads, plus long range radios available for squad leaders, then things like signal degradation, terrain masking, realistic looking radio GUIs can be added at a later date when the devs have the time.

Should clarify; players, whether beginners or squad leaders, should all have access to both short and long range communications when possible. In the past, long range communications were limited due to equipment size.

Short range communications (or local transmissions not utilizing a repeater), of course, should be strongly condoned and made the default. Most players are not amateur radio enthusiasts or have ever worked a job using radios within the real world. But leaving them with a spoon within the game probably isn't a great idea either. ;-)

Most players will listen to other players when they're asked to talk on the local frequency/channel or the channel not using a repeater. Thing is, if the software engineer or the map maker doesn't implement the feature properly, it's not going to work correctly no matter how hard you try. ;-)

At first, I didn't think this ARMA 3 Group VON (voice over network) or channels would work. But I've found, Groups would work if mission designers followed my previous post. Currently, they're making too many groups, splitting pilots between groups causing Air Traffic Control chatter to be required to be heard within side chat, etc. (ie. See Comment #c35306, or my previous post here posted at 2013-06-24 21:38)

It's all about properly channeling communications, whether you do it by repeaters or by ARMA 3's Group VON/channels. It's all the same idea. (ie. frequencies = channels)

Please BLOCK Steam/Skype other voice chatter software when game in fullscreen mode, else all that shit broke radio chatter

Ordinary squad members should not have access to long range radios, that should be reserved for squad leaders, pilots and the like. Ordinary soldiers shouldn't be able to clog up the long range comms and it's the responsibility of the squad leaders to communicate with other squads and command and pass information down.

Oh and move the display of who's talking to the top of the screen, away from the scrolling chat/system messages, as it gets lost in there and we need a clear, quick way to see who's talking without having having to look at all the chat.

I just hope that eventually we won't have some servers using TS3 and others using VON, as I can only have one set of keys mapped to my mouse and hotkeys and it's a pain to have to keep changing depending on what the server's using.

Here are some scenarios where long range communications is required:

  1. The person is stranded or abandoned in the middle of the map.
  1. The squad leader is down and cannot communicate, and/or his radio is damaged.

Like I previously stated, long range communications were relegated to only one individual in the past due to the amount of equipment required for long range transmissions. Nowadays, most hand held radios come equipped with the ability to perform both. Matter of fact, HF radios are extremely small and affordable nowadays.

It wouldn't be so bad if a single radio did both, on separate channels, as then the player would have to open the radio UI and change channel to listen/speak on long-range and would then be unable to use short-range, which might prevent too much abuse of the LR and hopefully admins can manage any remaining abuse.

So yeah, I can see that it might be OK ;)

Squad leaders, RTOs, etc obviously still need to be able to use more than one radio at the same time, hence with ACRE we can have a SR on the left ear and a LR on the right, so that would need to be implemented as well. To keep it simple, there's no reason why we couldn't start with just one radio model, with Squad leaders assigned two of them and then maybe later on the devs can develop different models with different characteristics.

How do you expect them to block Steam if it's required to run the game and all again?

To straighten things out as always, who gets the long range radio is up to the mission designers.

Technically we have a radio, the problem currently is it's miniscule role in the game at current, most of which is for the AI to relay very useless info.

SGTIce, not Steam app, I mean Steam's Call and Chat functions

Voted Up

I really think the radio should be more interactive and realistic.

100% want this feature, those that say they dont (although fair enough) should maintain memory that this is a hardcore military sim, you dont get to tap into the voice of god on /side and get instant battlefield awareness.

That's my whole point Kol, that's tied into steam, thus they'd have to block steam all together.

Kumeda added a comment.Jul 7 2013, 4:20 PM

I noticed one thing while working on my coustom channel script... before BI even thinks about integrating any stuff like acre should first get the problems with VON solved and should get far more functions for scripting with these available.

Just as example

@Admiral Snackbar

No, this isn't a hardcore Mil-Sim, this is a game. And as such, should be as accessible as possible.

You want a Mil-Sim, go play VBS2.


This is neither a hardcore Mil sim, nor a game, it's something in between. Some people want it to become more of a hardcore Mil sim. I am one of those people.


Yeah that was really called for, jackass. Either way, you want ACRE go download it. It doesn't belong; as I (along with the devs) are more concerned about having a fun game that is accessible to as many people as possible.

As they say, the needs of the many outweigh the wants of a few.

I'd rather see more people adopt the game rather than driving potential customers away with unneeded complexity.

Correct term is serious game, that's what this is. Simulation is what vbs is, and is intended for training. ARMA is technically a game that is being serious about trying to simulate aspects of reality, it sits right in the middle between both. The while 2035 theme should be enough to prove that.

But let's not fight over what ARMA is, its what the devs make and what brings in the cash, by extension of modding, we can make it whatever we want, hardcore Sim or arcade game.

^ this guy gets it

OK, sorry, I just thought it was easier to insult you than to actually spell your name. Btw, why didn't you reply with an insult. Something like ADick? :D previous notes mentioned, ACRE is difficult to setup, requires TS's a mod, not many people have it. It should, of course, be possible to switch it off is server options.

I dint know if switching of functionality is possible by limiting, i would think that the devs would probably have to create two different applications, one simple and another complex. If that is the case however, i doubt it will be done, given the amount of man power that is available, so honestly, as long as the implementation is usable and user friendly, I'm happy. If ACRE has to be a mod, then let it be. I like things to be natively implemented in vanilla game, so if they can't for reasons understandable, at least do a little effort to make it more assessable for modding, so that ACRE mod would not require ts3?

I'm fine with ACRE being a mod, it's just that there aren't any servers using it and if I use it, no one will come to my server.

Join a realism unit, or do what me and my mates are doing, start a realism squad housing your own private server and invite other ARMA enthusiast squads and players to join. Along with that, not only do you get a decent organized game going, but also a potentially hack free game.


Just cause this isn't a forum, it's a little distasteful to insult someone on a feedback tracker... Lol it's for feedback if ya catch my drift ;)

But no worries, it's not that I don't want to see it implemented, I'm just more concerned about making it difficult for newer players to learn the intracacies of the game. I'd rather see a larger player of the base game, then we can focus on awesome mods like this.

As I said, it should be toggleable on servers. And it should probably be displayed in the server list.

I do agree with they, they need a revamped server browser; like play with six. Would make finding, downloading, and installing mods simple.

The server browser is a completely separate issue of this bug or feedback item and should be filed under a separate bug or feedback report.

Concerning "play with six", I found the "play with six" interface horrendous. If I'm not mistaken, it appears to utilize Windows 8 (notebook) interface for user interaction. The interface is absolutely nonintuitive and unusable. (That's not to say some features of the interface or all terrible, they're just likely very poorly implemented.)

As far as this bug or feature request, I would be happy if they just provided the exports for VON (voice over network) functions for scripting and mods.

One problem with VON is it only works in-game, so we still have to use TS3 to chat before going into a mission, which means we have to have PTT keys setup for that and VON. I'm not sure it's possible but it would be good if there was a way to incorporate a pre-mission voice chat into ArmA so that we didn't need to use TS3 as well but I guess it's not the end of the world if we have to use TS3 pre-mission and VON (although enhanced to be more like ACRE) in-game.

Kumeda added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 2:32 PM


As Arma3 is Steam Only you could as well use steams chat system to get in contact with your external TS is not an needed option to play this game. For all people how are playing in a clan and have their own server they still have the option to play with the acre mod (when working properly). If however you are just asking just for something acre like ... why not just givning VON more functionallity so that something acre like can be done in the first place.

Dont really need A direct acre mod intergration unless Bis gives all credit to the actuall maker of acre. Annyway some ts supported function would be nice.


I don't think Steam's chat is a viable replacement for TS as it requires everyone to be friends first to be able to chat. Might be OK for small clans but for larger public servers, like United Operations, it's useful to be able to go on TS and chat in the Waiting Room channel before joining the server and moving to the Primary channel. As I say, I guess we can still use TS for pre-mission chat and (if improved) VON for in-game chat instead of ACRE though.

Kumeda added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 4:56 PM


Thats a valid point but in what way are you thinking of replacing the TS than? Thats just not possible i believe. There will always be an external VOIP chat (TS) where people can meet. If you are using TS and you start playing Arma you still can mute yourself inside TS and using VON instead. Of course that means VON must work properly.So rather discussing ACRE integration it should be discussed and ideas made how to improve and integrate the existing communication ways inside and outside the game.

For example your suggestion of a premission chat is a nice idea, but I dont see that happen because it would need 1) some sort of server(s) run by BIs and 2) some sort of network where you can join a specific group but wouldnt that be the same as using TS.
I would rather see an option for every server available where you just push a button "Join Server TS" if you have TS installed. On push TS becomes opend and/or connect to the TS address. Would be easier than always typing or copying the TS address from server name or server disrciption. Also for people who have already TS installed it would make it easier to join unknown servers including those which do use ACRE.
(There are other ideas on this tracker on how to do improvent for example VON, but unfortunately they still dont get as much attention as this toppic here.)

rogerx added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 4:57 PM

Kumeda stated, "I would rather see an option for every server available where you just push a button 'Join Server TS'..."

Very likely not possible due to separate software licensing schemes. (Also, one of the two companies could further modify their licensing in the future rescinding any agreements in the past. Risky, when you're paying money for programming time.)

Think one of the more viable options is to provide the hooks, or make the in game VON (voice over network) functions, available for scripting and mods. Currently from what one developer (or assistant) of ACRE and with what BIS has stated, there are no VON functions available for scripting, hence the requirement for using Team Speak with the ACRE mod.

Also, the server side of Team Speak is a commercial or for profit item which would likely conflict with ArmA 3 licensing. Easiest method, just make the VON functions available and let scripters and mod builders to decide or implement as needed. But I'm speculating as I can't see, and am not able to see any code. BIS Licensing is pretty much black and white, and very short and to the point.

Kumeda added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 5:13 PM

hmm i think i have seen internet sides where you can easily join a TS via a simple link. I dont mean integrating TS. I dont believe you need a license for sending a task (start and join "this") to an external aplication....

Works like that

Adding some new options to your description.ext and allwoing to start the TSclient software if you are already in the game should not be a big problem and make it alot easier for people to join your server. Then you also dont need to integrate ACRE anyhow .. as long as you have TS and the ACRE mod installed and running

rogerx added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 5:35 PM

Kumeda: You can't simply just run through legal hurdles. Also, nothing down-sells a game more than dysfunctioning technology. (ie. Team Speak breaks or sells-out, and BIS would have no control here.)

The viable solution is to just provide the exports for the ACRE (team) developers to implement native voice of network.

Also would be nice to have a setting to include better quality VON, as it seems this is also a gripe of those in favor of Team Speak.

The very short and simple modding license:
Arma 3 Modding License

Non-commercial use is explicitly stated several times, as well as "not to commercially exploit". Commercial use usually implies to anything for profit or anything for monetary or financial gain.

Kumeda added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 5:41 PM

I dont get it?? what legal hurdels are these you are talking about what i posted up there is a simple string. You can put those on your website for everyone to join with on click... and I never heard you need a licence for that? And if Team Speak gets bankrupt well than you probably dont have the possiblity to join via this link anymore.
And why would it be bad if you can start a well spread aplication from within the game? This is not a mod nor integrated TS im just stating the possibility of a simple feature for the game itself.

Still im agreeing with you on VON 100%

by the way how does it come that some people that do mods can take donations than? If mods should be made without commerical use, you still get a monetary gain of donation by using BIs tools ?

rogerx added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 5:52 PM

Shrugs. Ever talk to or had to talk to a lawyer? Once you understand some aspects of law, you'll understand. Again, the license is quite clear. The alternative of simply acquiring a corporation's written permission can be quite time consuming and costly, as the business usually reviews everything with lawyers.

Yup. At least exporting the VON functions for scripting is building a good base or providing a good building block. (Sort of like building a pyramid.)

DONATIONS FOR MODS: I haven't actively seen people taking donations for mods. (ie. paypal) But from what I interpret, anything publicly advertised can be easily construed as breaking this simple licensing provided by BIS. Although if people are advertising and taking public money, hence breaking the agreement, I don't see BIS actively pursuing them although they could. Most times, the corporation modifies it's licensing to be extremely more cumbersome.

This is why most people endorsing and abiding by the GPL, will never break an (copyright) agreement, as doing so they will sacrifice their benefits of having such a license.

As they say, abide by the law or suffer. :-/


Yeah, I guess replacing TS for pre-mission chat is a bit hard, other than using another external app like Mumble or if Steam introduced a feature that would allow us to join chat rooms for specific servers without having to be friends/members first. I guess if TS ever disappears, we can always move to Mumble or something else and it's not likely anyway.

So yeah, let's stick to discussing how to improve VON and make it more ACRE-like ;) If you've seen other ideas that are relevant, I guess you can re-post them here and just attribute them to the original poster, to make sure they're not overlooked.

I know one of the problems with VON has been that it seems to fall down with a large number of players and also that one of the A2OA betas changed the port it used, so that beta users couldn't talk with non-beta users and vice-versa and it's things like this that make people abandon it for TS, with or without ACRE.

By the way, PwS can auto-launch TS3 and connect to a TS server when joining an ArmA Server, so there are hooks available to do this.

Kumeda added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 6:48 PM

:> i think we are talking about something totally different things. Integration TS into ARMA will ofcourse need a license and therfore plain integration of ACRE is not possible without. Thats right.

What im talking about is allowing to start the normal TS client you have installed on your pc and you can legally downlowd for free from within ARMA via a link that is posted next to the server you wanne join in the mission search view. Even for allowing to start the external application from within the game you must check for legal issus. But i dont think that there has to be paid much for it if anything at all. Does Microsoft pays TS for the possibility to start their software from inside IE or does Mozilla pays TS for beeing able to post such a link? I rather think so.

@doveman Thanks for the tip with i didnt know that there is such aplication.. Still if they can do it why shouldnt BIs!

Here a sugestion i posted giving 2 additional links to problems with VON
Some options for description

what i havent seen yet is a wish for changing reciving volume of an specific player .. (maby i will add that today)

TS will most likly always be superior but i think what the problem with VON is that the bugs are kind of gamebraking and maby as some say that its quality is bad ..but i personally didnt had the feeling that this is the case.

rogerx added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 6:16 PM

Team Speak is commercial software. Last I heard, Team Speak requires a (Team Speak) server to be present, which costs money.

Just because a part of the Team Speak program is free, or any free software, does not mean it is commercial free.

Kumeda added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 6:25 PM

client!=server im talking about able to start the client from within Arma. And PwS Software as doveman said supports that already... why shouldn Arma3 be able to do that.

rogerx added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 6:33 PM

Free candy bar (wrappers). Candy bars = $1.00.

Can you see the ideology here yet?

At least giving us options to silence dead players and improve direct chat would be a huge step in the right direction and give us a lot of what we actually like about ACRE, even if the radios themselves aren't fully simulated.

The ability to steal an enemy's radio to listen to them could be a nice bonus too, but then again probably out of scope. But silencing dead players and better direct chat is very much needed, at least as an optional feature.

Apparently they are implementing the feature where when you talk on the radio everyone nearby can hear you.

Think I finally noticed this last night. Somebody was talking on vehicle chat, and could have sworn I saw him jump out of the chopper and started talking and I could hear him quite loudly (through direct chat). Also, I have the effects volume turned down to ~5%. Think they either boosted the volume of direct chat, which would be really nice if they had!

Heh, even in ArmA 2, regardless of which channel you were using, people around you (including enemies) could hear you as if you are talking on direct. Basically every channel is actually that channel plus the direct channel at the same time. You just don't usually notice it as you usually only talk to people who are already on your channel and thus you hear them only via radio.

The problem is not that ArmA doesn't have direct chat (it had it in ArmA 2 as well). It's that the simulation of the communication system is not good enough.

i76 added a subscriber: i76.May 7 2016, 12:25 PM
i76 added a comment.Aug 22 2013, 2:24 PM

No thankyou.

Best immersive tool/mod ever made +1. On a side note, the distance that enemies & others can hear chat can easly be adjusted if needed, and is feature needed in ACRE itself. I havent checked the lastest version(for the A3 full release), but there is already other mods out there for A3 to adjust the distance for wich ACRE transmit/can be heared.

In short best mod ever in my book, and a ground breaking/excellent addition to A3, should it ever happen.

Shrugs. Parts of ACRE are supposedly closed source from what I hear.

The real problem seems to lie in the fact the in game chat allows players to hear Side chat channel's audio while tuned to a specific other channel such as Vehicle chat. Although there should be a channel such as Side chat for all players to use, players on 'vehicle chat' should likely not hear the side chat channel while tuned to 'vehicle chat'. For contacting those within a specific channel, should likely integrate another channel called 'Global Side' channel. Another more than five players using chat at once, causes an overload of the current chat system.

Ground air support operations should be able to tune to an air frequency channel, instead of using Side chat.

Just open source the clump of code, so players can role their own packages.

NOTE: Any server currently enabling the ACRE module, likely do not realize the ACRE module has significant performance related problems. Only thing we can do until it's open sourced, is sit and wait, maybe forever.

Anybody yet mirror what's contained within the ACRE code/binaries to a main publicly available CVS/SVN/GIT repository?

@rogerx I think you under estimate the server admins of the other communities. I do think most of them are aware of any issues there is with ACRE, but they and their community Choose to use ACRE despite it's flaws.

ACRE is being worked on, but as all mods, it's non commercial, and someone is working on it in their spare time. As for some parts being Closed Source. That is his/their porogative. When you use a mod you use it on makers terms.

Don't think BIS will spend a dime for then needed on VON(other then bug fixing), and VON is poor substitute for ACRE.

For me...still... ACRE is the best immersive mod ever made. Keep up the good work.

rogerx added a comment.Oct 3 2013, 8:19 PM

TheOnly: Not underestimating one bit. I reiterate, the only remaining programmer/scripter/maintainer for ACRE has stated he/she is currently quite busy, and making a living is of more importance. (I tend to agree, as we all have to have shelter and be able to have food.)

Feel free to read the following forum thread:

Matter of fact, I have dove into much code in my time and am pretty competent with evaluating code.

Now back to my previous question. Last snapshot of ACRE I've seen for ARMA 3, was released to some weird "warez" or questionable site. Every server I've played on with the ACRE mod, the ACRE mod seemed to always induce problems, to include the mod was never utilized at all on the servers loading the module.

It's a tough battle to realize when something isn't being used after awhile, to just give it up so it can grow or be of more use elsewhere. I'll try studying/scanning the ACRE package data as most posts tend to be vague. (And, it's just a game. ;-)

Now for some specifics. Looks like the ./plugin/acre_win32|64.dll were created with MS Visual Studio, and are the supposed binary blobs. Scanning the binaries, looks like they initialize the ACRE module (acre_config.xml), performing initialization with the TeamSpeak plugin, along with negotiating push to talk and discerning non-stereo and stereo channels. Nothing too difficult, but the person creating the code needs to be fluent with coding and amateur radio knowledge. (Not an easy task for a person having knowledge of one or the other.) I'll look into some of the other stuff tomorrow and post any interesting stuff for historical reasons here. ;-)

After reading the license, END_USER_LICENSE_AGREEMENT.txt (ie. ./addons/acre_main/idi/clients/global/addons/main/END_USER_LICENSE_AGREEMENT.txt), I can see why nobody is doing nothing with it. I'm sure that'll scare most others away. Albeit, I already had a *really* good idea what was already within the code without even looking into anything.

A snip from the license:
"The Software in any form may not be distributed to or by, or utilized in any
fashion by, any military, government or commercial entity." And as such, Bohemia likely cannot touch this software, unless one of the authors wants to state otherwise. Based on this, speculate this bug will be closed.

There are sporadic entries to their Bug Tracking website, but it's far and few. (I would judge they're as busy as me, with just enough time to scan a few things. ;-)

I've seen a lot of software actually grow faster as open source, versus closed.

I was looking over the script commands to see if any useful *radio* commands were added lately. Maybe even setting up a small Git project myself for the Winter.

Seems a lot of the confusing radio chatter can be also further eliminated by the creation of approximately three more channels on each person's radio, ie. Air, Sea, Ground and symbolic linking those channels to the appropriate group slot. (Similar to dialing a direct channel to another group or radio repeater.)

In essence, everybody will have access to directly communicating to another group without being heard on Side chat. ie. Use the "air channel" to request a pickup, and chat is only heard within the pilot group chat. (Currently, people cannot communicate to another group without using Side chat, nor can they communicate to other ground forces within the same area outside their own group. Upon symbolic linking a Ground Forces channel to all infantry, all infantry can talk to one another without using Side at all. (Could also do something like Ground_Forces_1, Ground_Forces_2, ... for separate areas.

Side chat can then be utilized for only essential communications. Pilots also would likely not need to utilize Side chat either, as they could communicate via the symbolic link Ground Forces channel directly. (ie. Pilot: "He guys, somebody's ex-wife is chasing from up behind your current position!")

I would also suspect a lot of the co-op servers or co-op maps can likely delete the Global and Command channels to make switching channels easier, as moving up or down channels gets more troublesome with additional channels.

Currently, I see nothing within the whelm of scripts to enable performing the above, aside from simple adding and deleting channels. Also, still nothing to customize the server side bit rate quality of VON sound?

Think I can see something partially implemented here:
_index = radioChannelCreate [[0.96, 0.34, 0.13, 0.8], "Q-dance Radio", "%UNIT_NAME", [player]];

But this command/function needs to have the additional argument/parameter of "who can receive audio". "Who can transmit" is the same as argument/parameter "player" or the player who the new channel is assigned to. Having the additional argument/parameter "who can receive audio", whether it is a Group or individual player can simulate a symbolic link as previously mentioned? (Likely the above function only creates a channel, with only people within that channel being able to transmit/listen. Or, there is already a "who can receive audio" argument/parameter, and it's not fully documented?)

ez0lv added a subscriber: ez0lv.May 7 2016, 12:25 PM

I think that rogerx's suggestion should be implemented as stock, but ACRE still should be implemented as a optional module.
The name of the game is simulation, and I want real radio comms, and so do many many others. If BIS should choose to implement ACRE they could rid it of its dependency of TS3, which is one of it's major weak points.

^Like he said.
If ACRE would be on Mumble I'd use it all the time but TS3 is not my kind of thing.

ACRE ruins game-play.

rogerx added a comment.Nov 2 2013, 1:35 AM

ACRE is broken, or buggy. Also requires clients to install other software such as TeamSpeak, for which most are not going to want to mess with, nor particularly enjoy!

Misled administrators thinking ACRE is cool then try to use it, while not really caring about the loss of frame rates or hassles ACRE causes with ARMA 3.

Again, I think the game engineers need to provide the scripting interface to reroute audio channels instead of having ACRE needing to depend on other third party software such as TeamSpeak. (Matter of fact, think most of the problems likely arise from having to use TeamSpeak.)

From what everybody else has stated, Mumble is similar to Teamspeak, and may allow all players to be able to hear side chat.

Think I've already made mention the majority of the features ACRE provides, can be likely implemented by scripts sym-linking (symbolic linking), or renaming channels, (ie. My_Channel -> 147.50 or "CH 4") Radio squawks are also necessary so people can prevent talking-over others trying to speak. (There might also be a slight delay with the text channel name not immediately displaying, due to network lag!)

Many bugs with VON (voice over network), and likely the only way to get this solved any time soon is to simply write some lines of code implementing the functions for the community to more easily implement the ACRE functions. Or leave it be, awaiting for a more elaborate in-house solution for ARMA 4?

I'm no fan of TeamSpeak, but the increased audio quality is also desirable! Should be a generic server setting for increasing audio quality and/or bitrate, as well as client side setting, as some maybe on slower Internet providers.

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I realy would prefere an ingame solution rather than a third party software too, because all rights will belong to BI and secondly it likely will have a better support of the done scripts (any VON scripts). But as rogerx pointed out there are some possibilites of com interaction missing and what is even worse it is still buggy. The most annyoing bugs are well known for a long time already but havent even be recognized by BI!
Same goes for basic functionallity

But maby there are more deeper problems with the VON system in ARMA we just dont know of ... also there are some security problems with it.. i can only vague remember so this might be false.

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People are getting off the tracks with using Mumble, what I meant by ridding of TS3 depedency was to get it to work without external applications, possibly using a interface for channel routing like rogerx detailed. That would be a massive step forward even without ACRE in mind, as missions could have more complex comms over vanilla, but not go as full on as ACRE.

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This would simplify many problems for communities worldwide ARMA

I hope that an in-game solution would show the name of who's speaking and only the names of those who the player is on the same channel(s) as. This is a big problem with TS3/ACRE as the TS3 overlay shows the name of everyone on the server who's speaking, regardless of whether they're on a different radio channel and can't actually be heard.

+1 voted up here I cant stand to use ts3

We need that integration for more realism!

Please implement the most accurate simulation of the behavior of radio waves in the virtual environment of the game if you will do the radio like ACRE.

ACRE is easily the most immersive mod I've played in the Arma series. Better than more vehicles, more maps, or more weapons, ACRE is the best.

Is it hard to do for compulsive gamblers radio. These bots chatty bored. I want to hear the conversation of real players. I want to see the real story.

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related to #0026298

Although I'm not a fan of binary/proprietary TeamSpeak, TeamSpeak is available for Linux and Task Force ARMA Radio (AKA TFAR) is open source. I've been using TFAR module for a couple of weeks now and quite enjoy the realistic radio experience. The learning curve is slightly higher during setup and initial usage, but afterwards the module is quite usable.

The TFAR module most certainly resolves the radio chatter issues with the in game chat. How the 1st Ranger Battalion server has their TFAR module setup, users can still use the in game chat or regular TeamSpeak within another TeamSpeak channel. So there are fallback options if users do not have the module.

There are several bugs with TFAR, such as channels cannot be saved and preset channels on the server are not easily implemented. So users need to re-enter their channel or channels after each respawn or loading of gear.

I should also state, I really enjoy the radio interference with the terrain feature. The higher you are, the better the reception.

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