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Manual ragdoll control via script commands.
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I think, it will be great if scripters and mission makers will have manual control on ragdoll (simulation of unconscious state as example). Something like script commands: this enableRagDoll true; and this disableRagDoll "animation_name";


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A similar feature would be a command like the one to disable input - disallow the player to move, and make him fall to the ground, but move and twitch occasionally.

This could be hard-coded to automatically apply to "unconcious mode", that you dont roll around and twitch like you are still alive, but "ragdoll" around until healed.


A command to force 'man' object into a ragdoll state is something I'd really like to see and use.


At least something like a switchMove "RagDoll". It would be usefull for pushing people over, or for revive scripts that don't need to re spawn people into the same place to get the ragdoll effect.

This is really needed. It would give us a way to have an alive soldier on the ground in a non static position as well.

I would go farther though and have the ability to ragdoll each individual limb. So that scripts could simulate broken or damaged limbs.

A ragdoll command for the entire body, then have ragdoll commands for LeftLeg, RightLeg, LeftArm, RightArm, Torso, Head, and possible hands and two separate ragdoll locations for each of the four limbs.

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Or maybe make player playActionNow "unconscious" rag doll the player.
As their animationState when rag dolled is 'unconscious' anyway.

Strongly in agreement for something like this, as an animation or a command. Ex:

player switchMove "Ragdoll";


player enableRagdoll true;

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We not only need ability to turn ragdoll on. We also need to be able to apply force to any bone of the ragdoll, to simulate bullet impacts realistically.

:P Well, if you're offering...

But in all seriousness, I think the most beneficial step is just that ability to start a downward force (aka, gravity).

Good to see a dev post here!

Any news on this ticket? This would be a really, really nice feature to have access to.

setUnconscious does what this desired command would do functionally. Is there still room for a new command that is a true ragdoll activation?

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Perhaps some basic problem to be solved before... units falling into unconsciousness while playing an animation such healing (self or other unit), seems to be forced to continue/redo this animation after the unconscious state...