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Allow seperate button bind for Direct Communication, similar to ACRE
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One of the main reasons on why ACRE is so popular is mainly due to the ease of using local area talk key as the main form of communication.

Having a separate button bind for Direct Communication would essentially replicate a significant step towards making it more realistic and fluid.

ACRE itself would probably be more reliable and authentic for radio operation, but this simple change would be a significant step towards making it more immersive, simply due to more people using Direct voice as their default form of communication.


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There already is a possibility to bind ANY of the available communication channels into their separate key binds. Including the Direct comms channel.

Look for it at multiplayer section in the controls menu.

In that case, we should have a default binded button as well as be part of a hint in a showcase.

Anything to encourage people to use it more readily instead of cycling through the different channels as the average person would normally do. This would really get a lot of the newer people who just want to don't want to mess around with controls at all.

If implemented well, this would very well supersede ACRE in a lot of communities.

+1 for a default dirct comms button to gently suggest to all users that they should be using direct coms.

This is already an option

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This isn't a bug nor should it be in here, as has been stated you can do it already, this isn't worth the devs time when they have bigger things to worry about.

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It's not worth their time NOW perhaps with all the worse game-breaking issues, but it's not like this should never be considered.

It's just that there's so many keybinds already, it's almost better that the user set them up themselves just to better remember what's what.

If you can set one yourself, there's no reason to really consider it. It takes you 30 seconds max to get to the controls/set it.

... to remember them all? Even if they set it up FOR YOU. You'd still have to remember the key.

If I'm not mistaken, the Voice Over Net is only set to receive and transmit to all Teammates.

Whenever you toggle the "direct channel" or "group channel" it only effects the text chat?

As such, I think this bug should be retitled, "Changing changing Chat Channels does not change VON Channels." Including mentioning "Direct Channel" for those annoyed with girly social chatting.

Personally, I speculate the developers haven't simply linked in the VON code into the Chat Channel Changing code.

I'm one who gets really @#$@#$ irritated when I'm listening to people 100+ miles away talking about their social lives, when I'm down in the ruts doing the dirty work. ;-)

DITTO. Make Direct Channel default simuluating not using the transmitters with useless chat! And, please make it work correctly as it's currently broken for VON.

If I'm not mistaken, I think some private map makers have gotten Vehicle VON channel auto default when getting into vehicles, or maybe this is the game.

Another thought, is it possible the radios are only transmitting on the channels selected, but still receiving all channels? I really doubt this, as it wouldn't make sense with people intelligent to write code would know better. As such, I simply think the VON channels are broken.

Your thoughts? Am I not changing VON channels properly with "./<" or "./>" keys?

+1 for more default features!!

No roger it transmits on the radio that you choose, be it Vehicle, Group, Side, Global or Direct & even command. VOIP transmits on all channels.

Check your keys & make sure your VOIP key isn't set to side channel & is set to just VOIP.

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Related to #0004176

Already implemented.