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"SUSPEND" should NOT perform a "SAVE"
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this is something you would expect to have been corrected many years ago. If you want to perform a save then you should have to click on "save" button, but if you want to leave mission WITHOUT saving you should have to click on"suspend" button. Click on the Suspend button should NOT perform a save. Right now BOTH buttons perform the save function and that has always been a bad thing because there are countless times where a user wants to simply exit the mission without a build-up of saved files on the hard drive.


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I think this is intended? In order not to have to assume the actions you took in the mission and not abuse the save system?

It makes tactical etc.. choices in the game have more weight.

I agree, abandoning large missions in multiplayer using suspend will cause a lengthy delay while it saves the mission. This is very annoying.

It's intended. Do you even know what SUSPEND mean?

agree with Emualynk. I think it's a feature.
So I'd suggest to add a new difficulty setting (in Options > Game > Difficulty) to enable/disable the "Leave mission without saving" feature, having the effect to change the Suspend button to a Exit button.

I do not understand what you are trying to say by "not to have to assume the actions you took in the mission", nor do I understand how you are not abusing the save system by using the Suspend button because, as I said, the Suspend button is designed as an exit button that SAVES the mission where you left off.

Yes, English is my native language, so I surely understand the meaning of suspend...apparently, however, you don't understand the point of this feedback.

The point IS...offer a valid button that will exit the mission WITHOUT saving it.

In fact instead of having a Suspend button...all that is needed is an EXIT button and a SAVE button...that is all, and that would be the proper way to do this, but has never been corrected. It has nothing to do with a has to do with a language barrier and in fact a LACK of proper exit functionality.

all of my this, OP.

Agreed with OP. This issue has been annoying the hell out of mission makers for years in this series. If you want to save there's an option there but this just chews up time if you have to jump in/out of a mission in the editor.

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It's meant to prevent abuse of reloads when difficulty settings or mission files limit the number of saves a person can make.

A way to make the player double think their choices if on a higher difficulty.

I do agree that in the mission editor there should be an option to turn on and off suspend saves, allowing the creators to test quickly.

But in general always saving on suspend makes sense as you are by definition suspending the game temporarily.

main problem in editor is, that somtimes it is abort, sometimes it is suspend.
should be abort all times since "suspending" is not needed in an editor mission.

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Agree with System. When creating missions and go test them, you don't know which mission you are previewing. The suspended one or the one you just did some editing in.

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How about having a normal exit button, but when you click it, it lets you choose whether you want to exit without or with saving your progress.

For mission makers to disable saving in their missions (since 99% of all missions created shouldn't have it enabled to start with) they can just use the following line in their init.sqf:

enableSaving [false,false];

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Thanks, Inkompetent, it will do for now :)

I agree there should be an abort option. If you die and want to "abort" it saves which means you cannot continue the game because the continue save file is the one that will be used and now one or more players are dead. Then you have to go and delete the continue savegame file in order for the resume to load the latest user save instead.

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Yes it should be removed, it overrides the last save.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I've never liked this either. Let us have a normal, user-controlled save system, so that we can play long missions and save them where we want, to come back to later and have a normal Exit button which asks if we want to save.

Also, get rid of the one save per mission system, so that even if we do save on exiting (perhaps accidentally) we can choose an earlier save to continue from next time.

Meaning of suspend: To cease for a period; delay. pretty much a fancy word for pauze. Only difference is that it allows you to do things whitout preformance inpact. They should add a feature that just says quit/back to lobby.

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Downvoted. An option for abort/quit/back to lobby could be added, but the suspend function works perfectly, is essential, and should be left alone, at least for single player.

Or put:

saving = 0;

in your description.ext file.

Either way, 'Exit'/'Quit' should ALWAYS be an option for leaving the mission without saving, regardless of settings. 'Suspend' should be an ADDITIONAL option if saving is enabled.

I always end up doing suicide to get out of the scenario without saving it.

Just add a extra tab that says [Quit]

This is extremely frustrating! Last night again after me and my friend had to stop our campaign after both dying we had to click on suspend because there is no quit to main menu option. Which meant that our earlier user save becomes useless due to the game always choosing the latest save when resuming. This effectively broke our game because it is loading the suspend ( where we are both dead. :-(

Only way to get past this is to delete the continue save file in which case the game word normally load the user save but this is not a solution.