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AI reflexes are extremely bad even at max skills
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Enemy Skill slider is set to 1.0 in difficulty options (which is veteran)
Editor skill slider is set to the maximum value

Note how long it takes for max skill AI to actually shoot me and it only happens when I move to ~20m away. A human player even of a very low skill wouldn't take 50 seconds to do this or even allow such abuse to happen.

Much like in ArmA2 AI still is completely unable to react properly to threats within 20m. Surely it's not as critical when fighting at longer distances but when it's a village or some base where CQB is possible you can abuse AI badly. {F17722}


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  1. Launch the attached mission
  2. Observe
  3. It can take OPFOR AI up to 5 seconds to turn around and if not for BLUFOR AI not checking the corners OPFOR AI would've been dead in 100% cases.

Do note that OPFOR AI is set to max skill. What should be happening is OPFOR AI turning around instantly at such setting - since for human players there are no such turn limits and even for a somewhat skilled player it wouldn't take even a half a second to turn around and face an enemy.

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I've had AI stare at me at CQB ranges and either not fire or miss completely, giving me enough time to reload or switch to a pistol and kill them without even worrying about a thing. Odd considering that they are wicked precise and quick at certain ranges, but up close they just fall apart.

I've seen videos where dudes moved within a touching distance of AI and it would just stop turning around. It's that bad.

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this has bin a problem as long as ive bin making maps for arma. ive seen enemy targets firing at my men and my men either turn to slowly to shoot back or dont end up turning to shoot at all until its to late. YES it was far far worse in arma 2 but its still one of the BIGGEST THINGS keeping AI from being even some what close to what its like playing with or against real people. Its great for me when i sneak into a town and shoot 5 guys who wernt looking at me in the back from 4 feet away or when they walk towards me and then run the other way without bringing up there gun and spraying at me like a real player would. In the case when an AI character comes up and gets suprised by me the AI doesnt orient its self to a position more suited to taking on the imediate threat, IE Me,nor does it orient its self to eny counter position quickly and obviously orients its self on a more generalized level half the time taking cover in the open just inches from perfect cover or running down the block completely leaving combat or intently stairing right ahead of them while an entire platoon worth of units walks past them.

afaik skill slider is not working yet

Skill slider might not be working but this is not a matter of AI skill or actuall diffeculty for the player when playing the game. This is a matter of making the game more immersive/interesting by having the AI react faster and maybe sprayfire instead of aiming when at close ranges. Its about making gameplay in general better and the AI more impressive for singleplayer

I have total opposite expirience. I think they are dumb, but have unrealistic aim.
Im an average player with average aim...

AI: overpowered at distance and like flapping fish on dry land in CQB.

I think with all these votes it will be a good decision to at least 'acknowledge' that this many years old issue still plagues ArmA, BIS.

Solution,if you are closer than 30 meters, ai don't get down or run or take cover, just shot back, also make the turn rate faster..

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Same thing with Blackfoot gunner. I ordered him to target moving vehicle, but even with a little transversal speed, every bullet went behind that vehicle.

AI need both more reflex and less god power.

They turn ridiculously too slowly, sometime when we are ridiculously close to them they can't see us.
But they can also see us while we are at too long distance with suppressor and subsonic bullet (they are not supposed to be able to know where the shoot come from) they shoot in full auto without any leak of precision, even at long range (i can understand it for MG guy that perform suppressing fire) they are not affected by suppression/bullet stress and no fatigue or injury decrease their skill/accurate.
They need to be completely review and more human.

I think the eagle eyed AI is a problem. If its skill level is high enough it can spot you lying still in grass and yet most players would struggle to do the same with the graphics/draw distance maxed out.
Their reflexes are still poor, maybe this could do with improving in cqb situations.

Rather than rotate magically in the ground they must use something like this :
Also close quarter skill is missing, no way for them or even for us to use wall like a lot of game do, like Splinter Cell Rainbow and a lot of others, they use 1% of the environment possibility, get hide beyond a wall and shot us from cover, use roof (we can't climb on anything anyway) for sniper, create REAL ambush and stuff like this, no surprise effect, when they see us even if we have not see them they rather than come closer quietly as possible and shoot us from short distance they just shoot from ridiculously long range, and they perfectly aim, if we put weapon with 0 bullet dispersion i'm sure they will perfectly perform single shot kill on everyone, not affected by suppression or injury (like i have already say, and that why i want a realistic wounding system).
Bot are really bad in Arma 3, even the path finding is sometime catastrophic...

AI is absolutely horrible after today's patch and is worse than it was.

You should remove turn speed limits completely, making rotation instant at max skill and a little bit slower at lower.

When AI goes prone it's the worst. It takes a whole eternity for it to turn around (even longer than pre-patch). A player would instantly turn around and kill the enemy.

not an issue anymore

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