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Zeroing doesn't work
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I have tried zeroing when I have a sight mounted on my gun. The range is fixed. I can not adjust it with the "Page Up" and "Page Down" keys. Zeroing only works when I look through the iron sights.


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Get a gun with a sight (not just the iron sights). Mount for example a red dot sight or sniper scope on your gun to reproduce the bug. Try to adjust zeroing.

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+1 from me as iv noticed the same thing, its a little frustrating when your in a longish range engagement

Same problem, but even worse; I cannot zero up or down on any gun I tested whether through iron sights or optics. I rebinded keys to "Page Up" and "Page Down", changed to different key binds, but to no effect, the zeroed default range remained the same on all guns.

I think this *might* have been intentional, since zeroing on vehicle weapons works (though zeroing is way off) and many weapon sights aren't easy to zero in the field. Not sure there. But if that's the case, that's dumb. Every combat optic I've ever seen had easy access turrets for field adjustments. Please fix.

^ Can confirm that vehicle zeroing with "Page Up & Down" is working as expected.

Could you please specify what guns it isn't working for?

I believe that the SCOPES of the current guns are FIXED PRE-ZERO to a value. Similar to the original DMR in DAYZ which was pre-zeroed to 400m and unchangeable. That would be further supported if other zeroing works (vehicular guns) and if you're able to take the sights off and zero the iron sights. That MAY be completely realistic based on the specific scope?

I agree, this is probably unlikely, and a poor choice for an Alpha if that is the case, but it's plausible.

Sybeck, zeroing in the Ifrit and attach boat work great

The sights in used game- or at least the closest real world equivalent aren't any more difficult to adjust the zero on than the style of iron sights used in game- in fact they should be considerably easier given that the rear Iron sights are fixed elevation, meaning you'd adjust the zero for range by using a tool to raise and lower the front sight post.

Yeah, I'm certain the scope model has knobs on it as well, so I def agree it should zero. Up voting

I believe I was able to change zeroing on the SCAR-ish weapons from BLUFOR, though on the M14, I couldn't. I haven't tried the suggested scope-dependancy, though.

But what I wanted to add is, that if you check the config viewer in the editor, and open up a rifle, you should be able to see the max and min values of the zeroing option on the weapon. Atleast, it was there for the M14 when I looked at it. This is somewhat speculation though, but it might be why, so as someone else said I think, the weapons may currently just be zeroing-locked, possibly

The specific sight you see this with is all pre zeroed and cannot be changed, if you wanna shoot further you use the representative markings, 4 for 400 meters 6 for 600 meters and so on, with everything in between. I do not see not being able to change the zeroing as an issue, as all the appropriate range markings are already on the scope ready to use with no changing of zeroing needed.

I however do not know wthere this should be changed when coming at it from a realism perspective, from a practical perspective though the way it is now seems fine.

The in-game zeroing value for guns is just there for your own reference, it doesn't mean that you can actually modify the zeroing. Only certain weapons/vehicles can do so, like the grenade launcher and vehicle turrets.

Otherwise you have to use the scope-markings for accurate shot placement.

+1, zeroing didnt work for me

the scopes for the guns in game right now don't support Zeroing. The numbers at the top are just telling you where its sighted in at. These basic kinds of scopes don't have the same windage adjustments as a high power scope does.

Yeah that's what I was trying to say!

......Except my scope has windage knobs on it I think :)

cychou added a subscriber: cychou.May 7 2016, 12:04 PM

Concerning the ACOG x4, the scope is already calibrated, it doesn't need manual zeroing. the reticle uses a Bullet Drop Compensator system (BDC).


BDC on any scope is an approximation, for one particular load. Ammunition of one type can have varying weights and velocities. Just look at the variation of 5.56x45. Even ACOGs are supposed to be zeroed (ignoring windage which is required on any type of sight)

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scrim added a comment.Mar 18 2013, 2:14 PM

Yeah? All that tells you is how far the round will go without compensating for drop. It's supposed to be like that. Holo sights, ACOG type sights, etc., don't work like that, you can't zero them for different ranges. They're not for sniper rifles.

@scrim, I agree but shouldn´t the ARCO sight be able to be zeroed. I really think so and this one also does not work.

scrim added a comment.Mar 23 2013, 1:24 AM

Actually not. The ARCO sight is an ACOG type, and IIRC it has numerals in it along the lower vertical line. Those are the ones you use for ranging.

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I think its fine as it is. Not all sights can be adjusted.

@jjondle the DMR in ArmA2 isn't fixed to 400m. It actually uses a pretty smart system that changes your zeroing depending on how much you zoom in. Very few people seem to know that.

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It's ok as it is now, as said above, theese kind of scopes come with "standard" zeroing which you have to use.

Specially RCO and ARCO, their ACOG type scope must be pre-zoroed so all the "mil-dots" below (horizontal lines) are accurate. If you could change zeroing on theese 2 scopes you would need to adjust each mil-dot.

PS: about DMR in arma2 - A LOT of people don't know that DMR doesn't only have 2 zoom levels ("zoomed out" and "zoomed in"). You can change it gradually using +/- keys on your NumPad by default.

ceeeb added a comment.Apr 7 2013, 12:38 AM

This is a false report, not all sights have adjustable zeroed range.

Adding some kind of on screen (HUD) indication of whether a sight is adjustable would help players, such as an asterisk or up/down arrows next to the zeroed range

Agreed, not all sights are adjustable, and we must remember that some iron sights are adjustable as well. So it depends on the design, make and type of sight.

Not all sights can be used on all rifles either, some rounds fly in a Parabolic Arc and can actually gain height when fired on the level and can impact above the Bore-sight centre or POA especially at close range. e.g not all bullet flight profiles trace a downward curve, the bullet can generate lift. Equally certain rounds can become unstable and begin to tumble at range.

Ballistics is a very exact science, unfortunately many peoples understanding of the subject is extremely poor.

A fully implemented Ballistics engine in this game would be an amazing achievement by BIS but I think it would be impractical.

Marksmanship cannot be taught in 30mins and can take a lifetime to master.

NOTE: - To those who think you raise the front blade on an Iron sight to change the zero, this is not true you can do it either way round.

The L7 GPMG / M240 has an adjustable rear segment to the iron sight, as the fore-blade is fixed.

Lets stop the over-generalization.

Something is wrong with the zeroing in any case. Looking through the configs it is clear that some of these scopes were indeed intended to be zeroable. Even more funky is that making a custom addon with zeroing enabled produces weird random results:

1 - Either range is not shown but pageUp and PageDown works.
2 - Or range is shown but ranging doesnt work. In all cases code used is:

weaponInfoType = "RscWeaponZeroing";
discreteDistance[] = {100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800};

Also a bit confusing whether these things should be used in the fireMode classes like that shown in the UGL, the main rifle class definition or the scope definition.

EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 7 2016, 12:04 PM

DEV 59.105679
Zeroing (elevation) adjustment still not working with RCO and ARCO

(who would be stupid enough to vote this down!?!?!?)

The mill markings on a reticule are for quick compensation RELATIVE TO ZERO
If you bother to look at ACOG manufacturers PDF you will see that it has been pre-sighted BUT YOU CAN ADJUST IT. Why do you think it has Windage and Elevation knobs?!?!

Here's the process of ACOG ADJUSTMENT
This stuff is not for in-field range adjustment.

Your right in that all scopes are adjustable, but the knobs on these types of scopes are for zeroing the scope for a specific shooters hold not windage or elevation.

They only have a magnification of around x4 and are meant for infantry ect, not snipers.

Soldiers are trained to aim off for wind and use the ranging BCD system because its faster and at ranges of 300m - 600m u dont want to be messing about with adjusting knobs u need to be getting rounds down range.

EDcase added a comment.Jun 1 2013, 2:44 PM

Thats a long explanation of the whole adjustment process.
Adjustment is JUST turning the knob a few clicks.

...and don't forget one thing...

ITS A GAME!!!!!!!

Looking at the votes is clear that people want it.
FFS if you don't want it then just don't use it.

Much like the ACOG in the video above, on the real-life HAMR/RCO sight you have to remove covers from the windage and elevation adjustment dials. You can even see the rubber/plastic lanyards on the RCO model that stop the covers getting lost when they're removed while fixing the sight zero. The adjustment dials under these covers are countersunk, and can only be turned with a flat-head screwdriver, it's only the cover caps that are unscrewed by hand.

Detailed pic of the countersunk elevation screw and cover on a HAMR (RCO ingame), showing that it requires tools to adjust the zero and cannot be done by hand:

The other sight in Arma 3, the ARCO/Specter, requires a basic tool (like a screwdriver or the edge of a coin, or the end of a rifle cartridge) in order to provide leverage when adjusting the windage screw at the front of the sight, and also to move the locking tab on the elevation drum at the back of the sight which must be unlocked before the drum can be adjusted.

The large hand-adjustable knobs on the sides of both sights (the ones with numbers written on them) are for adjusting the brightness of the reticle illumination on the real-life items, not for adjusting the zero.

If you contrast this with any real-world sight that is supposed to be constantly hand-adjusted to alter the windage and elevation during a firefight you will see that none of them have covers that obstruct access to the adjustment dials, none of them require additional tools to perform the adjustments. Most of them also have numerals written on the adjustment drums so that the shooter can refer to them and consult a range table to get the correct number of 'clicks' quickly, without counting them in their head or remembering how many clicks they adjusted for previously.

Everything about the RCO and ARCO indicates that they are not intended to use RscWeaponZeroing and they they should only rely on the BDC reticles for shooting at extended ranges.

I have had multiple different optics attached to my issued firearm over the years, and I can personally attest that an optic such as an ACOG WOULD NOT be adjusted in the field. An ACOG is not designed for long range engagements past 800m (In truth, the hash marks don't even go out that far but you can use the bottom of the line in the middle to allow for some "Kentucky-windage"). Switch optics if you want to be a sniper. However, there are some other optics that should be adjustable in the field, and that is scopes. Some of these do not currently allow for adjustment.

What da12thmonkey said. People dont understand for what they vote.
In ACOG scopes 1 click is 0.3-0.8 MOA. And the range of adjustment is vert limited, so that if you turn it enough you might permanently damage optics.
Bottom line, those knobs are used to properly calibrate point of impact with chevron and not for range adjustment. Of all optics in game so far, only sniper scope should be adjustable, and it is.
This ticket can be closed.

EDcase added a comment.Jun 4 2013, 6:31 PM

The FACT that it CAN be adjusted means it SHOULD be an OPTION to do so if the player wishes.

You 16.94% don't have to touch it (I bet you will)

So you believe in the middle of a firefight a soldier CAN perform the following task:

Unscrew the caps on top of the RCO with his hands to access the adjustment dial

Find a screwdriver in his webbing and use it to turn the adjustment dial on the sight until he's adjusted it by the number of clicks needed to adjust the zero of the sight from the elevation needed to shoot 200m (IIRC the RCO is zeroed to 200m as standard), to the elevation needed for 600m**

Put the cap back on the sight and tap it to set the prism, and put away the screwdriver so their support hand is free to hold the weapon correctly (carefully, so the screwdriver doesn't get lost for the next time they need to adjust the sight ;))

Start shooting until the need to change the zero again.

I don't think they CAN do this in the time it takes you to press Page Up four times - which is what the mechanics of this would be in Arma 3.

**Bearing in mind that according to this ballistic table the difference in elevation adjustment needed between 200 and 600 meters is 4.75 mils for 5.56mm and 4.16 mils for 7.62mm - So at 0.1 mils per click on the HAMR/RCO elevation dial this would be in the region of 40 to 50 clicks to make the adjustment for most medium calibre rifles. All of which he'd have work out and count in his head because there are no numerical references on the elevation dial to show how much the dial has been adjusted previously.