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Give doors a hitpoint rating
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Give doors a hitpoint rating, as so to allow bullets to pass through and do little damage to the door, but allow explosive charges to destroy the door.


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Should be possible to block doors with something.
Would be cool if there were a few long houses you could run through, and you would have people following you through them

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Once shotguns are in, there could be a breaching round that deals extra damage to them.

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it's a good idea but i think AI would first need to be improved in CQB situations or this would be limited to PvP.

Also related with 0004900 , 0003914 and 0005824 (that last one is better described IMO).

The doors ned an improvement for shure
But not only the doors.
Also other things of wood or even more all things that can be cracked by shooting on them in real shoul also be crackable in the game. not only by explosives.

Em-Man added a subscriber: Em-Man.May 7 2016, 12:00 PM

Door breaching would be an awesome feature.

Agree. Enough said. Its a feature that should already have been considered.

Agreed. Invincible doors are kind of annoying. Voted up! :-)

Why my ticket closed?!

He have a good technical description with all binded features, open it please :(

Setting status back to "new", since feature requests should not be approved by moderators.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

See how door destroyed in reallife. Door must shall have option to be locked to be destroyed! (ability to lock action with Mechanic Kit to lock\open it) Othervise everybody can enter ememy occupied fortification without any problem. But there no way to do it without 2 hitpoints in any door. The idia must be easyly implemented as a NEW door object. it must have two hitpoints: keyhole and door surface. Othervice door can not be locked at all.
A door is not a papper. There must be steel in it.