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Scopes not working with NVG
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I fail to understand why night vision is shut off when looking into a scope (AGAIN....because it's also this way in ArmA 2 after the Op Arrowhead DLC). In the real world you can in fact look through an ACOG/4x optic with a pvs-14 or any other type of night vision optic (many units do not have goggles, only 14's). Granted is isn't optimal without mounting it, but it is possible. You can look through it or mount it on the rifle with a quick-detach mount. You do not need a "Special" scope unless it's a specialized for a sniper rifle. Even then, you could just mount it on the rail. Someone created a mod for ArmA 2 (which works on some weapons with tweaking) but a mod should not be needed. Please implement the ability to look through the scopes with nvg or give us the ability to use a nv monicle and place it on the rail in line with our current optics. It's a seemingly small detail, but big impact. Thanks.


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I totally agree.

Imagine some sort of infiltration / hostage rescue mission.
You wouldnt want to flatten the place with artillery or an airstrike.
But using sniper support, of course.

A quick google search lead to this example:

I think the mountable NV monocle is the fanciest solution for night operations of snipers. You can keep the existing optics (for both forces), which means if the sniper is needed to close in, in can unmount the monocle and use it on his headgear while at the same time beeing able to use the tactical sights on his rifle.
One more multi purpose item.
The problem is, that it will need an additional picatinny slot, or is added to the scope slot.
The biggest challenge might be applying the NV rendering filters/shaders to only one side of the screen when used on headgear(scaling the mask of the current nv goggles), while rendering the rest normally. (from dusk till dawn ;) )

EDIT: (With the current optics available, beeing small in size, using NV goggles with them in RL would be possible.
With perhaps bigger scopes being added in the future, it wont.)
D'oh, or rather not, didnt think of the IR sensor location.

If the split rendering turns out to be a problem, it may be the best option to model one new scope and use it as a template for NV and thermal sights.
Which might have been the plan all along, as it is an alpha and the major content is yet to be added.

So voting up for dedicated NV/thermal scopes and or the NV monocle.

Isn't there a FOV issue when wearing NVG in real life ?

cychou added a subscriber: cychou.May 7 2016, 11:59 AM

The NVG google used ingame is a BINOCULAR model similar to the AN/PVS-7 mounted on a helmet.

these kind of binoculars are not suited to be used in pair with rifle scopes.

The ACOG scope must be used with a Monocular optic (like the PVS-14) attached on the rifle picatinny rail IN FRONT OF the ACOG (which is not simulated ingame).

the user would need to switch from his binocular to his acog/NV monocular combo.

sorry but binocular + acog aren't compatible.

this limitation is also simulated in ACE 2 Mod for Arma 2, which is perfectly right.

Arma 3 is not wrong neither.


cychou is correct. As for snipers they use an actual NV scope on their weapons. I would even question the ability to use goggles with iron sights or any other non-scope sight as it would interfere with proper weapon holding (hit the buttstock or other parts of the weapon due to the protusion of the actual NV eyepiece(s)).

Also there is a problem whit the view, since the night vision in arma 3 is a binocular type the field of view should be alot higher, and not the Bi-monocular you got in arma 2, with a single illumitor tube. i know cuz i got a NVG 3+ Binocular in real life

You don't have to place the nvg optic in front of the ACOG/4x to use it. It is difficult to do with those particular goggles(which are outdated and practically non-existent in the U.S.) which is why I noted the pvs-14. Very few units in real world actually use those goggles with the single centered mono tube unless they bought them from a Cheaper Than Dirt catalog. I can assure you that you can in fact look through and use a 14 mounted on your helmet and see through an acog. It may not be optimal (it's not, because it is less "fuzzy" and doesn't pick up the light as well when front mounted) but it does work. Supposed to be the future right? Why still using 80's nv mono tube goggles and not something newer/better i.e. dual tube detach or quad tube? Must be a way to cut down clarity when looking through optic in game to compensate. Maybe make it darker and limit the distance to 200 meters or so instead of just not simulating it altogether. Or do the above stated of allowing a monocle attachment. It shows dual tube on helmet but the ole' nvg in inventory.

it would be cool if there were different types of NV gogs in the game for different purposes, 4 tube for better peripheral, gogs specifically for snipers, cheapo crappy outdated ones you come across more often in wasteland etc.

I'm voting up for this. It's supposed to be 2030 something right? I'd like to think that NVG tech is better and more compact by then if nothing else :)

I would like some 4 tube NVG's

Ye already now we have eNVG that point out people. Try search on youtube. You have the nightvision look with thermal capabilities

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No, you definitely can't aim down scopes when you have NVGs down. Seriously, aiming down iron sights with NVGs is a pain in the ass. Ask any military man from a Western country who's used NVGs recently if he can look through them down a scope.

SAMAGO added a subscriber: SAMAGO.May 7 2016, 11:59 AM

As a combat vet, US Marine Rifleman, I say add this feature; HOWEVER cut the accuracy in half when shooting this way. I mean think about it... the NVGs stick out about 5 inches (2.5 cm) in front of your eye, and you have to line them up perfectly in order to see through the scope or iron sights. This is extremely cumbersome and puts you into a very uncomfortable/unnatural shooting position. But, it is possible and sometimes useful. Sometimes the ability to see clearly outweighs the ability to shoot accuracy. Sometimes it's the other other way around.

With NVGs on, we're trained to look down the side or top of the rifle. We simply line the target up with our rifle rather than looking through the sights (like what is already possible in the game). As for mounting the NVGs onto the rifle, I have very little experience with this; but I do know it requires a special attachment/mount (or lots of tape).

Updated title for clarity.

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Dual eyepiece single tube is a no-go, dual tube is impractical and not combat effective. Maybe they can support non-shooting eye monocular and optic use when everyone is using an Oculus Rift, though.

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@ Samago
I prefer the tape option, 200 miles an hour pls. lol

I will make a new thread with realistic NV monocle and angle ( like 6° )
on the other eye you will see without NV.

when an NVG has a range of about 300 meters, It is not possible to have
magnified, depending on your scope, light illumination.
you will be able to see closer, but still only up to 300 meters, it will not magnify to (3.5x) 1050 meter illuminated light.


Many NVGs are designed to be used with optics, and by 2035, it'll probably be even more so.

I think they can overcome this with a NV acessory in the front of the ACOG

I think there should be 2 NV scopes, one for rifles and one for pistols,not the ability to use goggles and scopes at same time.

NVG on pistols? Why would you need NVG's on pistols...a on rifle you look down an otpic which would collide with the ones on your head but pistols are aimed differently.

sarlac added a subscriber: sarlac.May 7 2016, 11:59 AM

This seems like something that should be fixed to me too.

yea, i see what ur saying NodUnit, you could use a pistol with the NV goggles on. lol at self :)

Huron added a comment.Apr 24 2013, 2:35 AM

Anyone who has used an ACOG will probably confirm that using this with PVS15s would probably be hella slow and inaccurate, if not impossible, considering scope shadow, parallax and generally short eye relief of most glass.

I agree. NVG capability has to be added for scopes, binos, etc. I believe laser designators have NVG capabilities too. It stinks trying to use the binos at night and realize that they have no night vision haha.

I've found some real reference:


  • you can look through a scope with your NVG on, but it's inefficient and produces more harm than good;
  • ACOG tritium illuminated reticle is VERY bright, when viewed through NV.

Another thing is, I've recalled reading about dedicated NV scopes and NV attachments, that they are generally used up to 300m. I assume it has something to do with NV image quality and resolution, prohibiting clear view of targets further away. I can't remember, where did I read it, so I can't point you to the source.

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cychou explained it best, what you are asking is not realistic, period.
I am sure they will add NV optics.

I agree that you should be able to view down scopes with NVGs if it is actually possible. This is coming from a someone that has no experience on the matter, however has played too much arma. I would imagine when you look down a scope with NVGs you would have to factor in that you would be further away from the scope, so maybe make it so when you view down scope with NVGs the scope appears further away from the FOV?

Downvoted. As stated above me the current NVG's being used in ARMA 3 are the dual version. The angle for looking through a scope would be hilariously unnatural.

Fa11en added a subscriber: Fa11en.May 7 2016, 11:59 AM

Put in NV Scopes or IR Scopes, you dont use nvg's with scopes etc

I vote we change the setting from 2030 to 1970... on another planet. Problem Solved.

NVGs cannot be used with magnified optics looking through the viewfinder. If you did your homework you will find that the PVS-14 can only be paired with unmagnified optics.

Night vision units that are compatible with magnified optics invariably mount in front of the optic.

The better request would be for a magnified night vision capable optic.

Downvoted, Bohemia Shouldn't bend over backwards for people who fail to have common sense, you cant align a 6 inch object coming from your face with a scope or even iron sights. This is a simulation...

I Agree with WarfighterOne and cychou, Bohemia if your reading this arma 3 is a simulation not a arcade FPS. DOWNVOTED!

You can't really use night vision with scopes, because the goggles are too bulky, so you can't line up the sights. Please Bohemia change it back so it is realistic once again.

Down voted use of scopes with NVG but this could be instituted as mentioned above by making a scope/optic + night vision device (in front of the scope/optic). Or adding full up Night vision or thermal scopes to the inventory. A player would have to go "off" NVGs to use the scope. For those concerned with "how do I aim with NVGs on then ?"

Answer: Mount an IR Laser Pointer on your Assault Rifle and use it with your NVGs..that's what they are for. (Just don't walk around everywhere with it turned always on...)

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I up voted cause its the future... thats why BI made a mistake for using futuristic weapons in a future date... who knows what is or isn't... A3 content may or may not ever exist let alone common place in armed forces.

Arma 3 is a military tactical shooter, not a simulation. In any case, do people seriously not read the comments here? We have a Marine rifleman, Samago, make a remark about it, including a real life application example, yet we still have people saying adamantly how it just won't work because (insert how they don't really know if it works or not, but they've played Arma 2 before so there.)

The game takes place some what, 20 years in the future? I don't see why this couldn't be something that future systems would be updated with. Just think how far the gear has come in the LAST 20 years! And that was at the start of our latest tech boom!

I totally understand the posts explaining why it doesn't work currently, I get that and even agree with it. But, it's 2035 or something so why not have NVG or hell even >WHITE HOT< abilities built into every scope put on a rifle or even personal optics? Wouldn't the land warrior (or whatever the present name is), be working by then too? You'd think it would have optic upgrades built in right? :)

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If you're using ACE disable it. I stopped having the problem once I did.

Apparentely with ACE You can disable the NVG problem server side or via module.