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Lack if "incapitated" state
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While I really enjoyed the wounding system (bleeding, effects on screen etc..) I noticed that you really have only 2 states - 1-ready to fire 2-dead. No inbetween state of lying on the ground screaming for a medic. It was an awesome feature in ARMA 2 (and made epic by SLX mod) that I would love to see back in ARMA 3.


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Upvoted. I would like to see this return as well.

it would be good to see breakable parts (legs, arms) adding to the realism,
of course that would practical end the mission for you but would also support more focus of the medical part of things (more need for ambulances, and medical choppers etc.)

There will be an extended version of ArmA2's wounds module.
It's in the confirmed features already, just not yet implemented

Upvoted, but as Kid18120 just said, this is already planned

Also a "wounded walk" animation would be awesome, I dont think too many people can take a bullet and just keep on walking like a boss.

Any word on this? Devs?

maybe switch to one handy lefty if u get shot in right arm (breaking right arm)

left/ or one handed makes dramatic accuracy change?

There definately need to be some visual change to the injury system, when you get shot you have all of those pain effects, but when you shoot someone else it looks like he just shruggs it off and continues.

I believe the current thing is a placeholder.

I dont think its a a placeholder, I think if it would exist we would see it in the beta. And there is no word from the devs about it..

They devs dont owe you an explanation of everything they do and are planning. They *have* said in the past the intend to have a more complex medical system than in A2. Thats all I need for now.

There's no bleeding in current medic system.
Or rather it's only visual.

It's impossible to bleed out in ArmA3.

@ataraxic89, searched for it, all I found is : ◾The game will feature an improved wounding system (no specifics for as of yet)

Uptevoted. The more people post this the sooner bis wil notice this issue. Also they should implement somthing like ACE2 woonding system. Or the old First aid battle sim, first aid, Clearence modules by default.

ACE mod is awesome. I think they have even more room for awesome mods now with ARMA3

Bump (hoping to see a response about it from the devs)


It would be nice if injury had more adverse effects.

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+1. And a realistic wounding and medic system

lifestate also shows "INJURED"

Maybe better visual than to write INJURED, a blood loss can be good but like in real life only visual, in reality you don't really know your status, maybe a little simple interface where you can know where you are hit, and a more complete for medics. Realistic visual effect a little like in A2 or ACE is required.

Any hit detection is better than "twiching" and just going on with your day..

there is incapacitatedState command which returns "" whatever you do.

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