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This is a great opportunity to take a large step forward on the multiplayer front. With that all being available right now (minus the showcases), I am starting to see a lot of teamwork, and good concepts for multiplayer.

Take it a step farther and implement a RANKED system. A system where you can level, and be allowed to use different classes. Not your run of the mill system. But imagine a year down the road, where you could grab points for healing your mates, blowing up objectives together and sticking in squad formation. It would be great to have this game as leading edge for clan matches and ladders :)

Its time for next level multiplayer - Bohemia can do it bigger and better, and make it apply to the MILSIM.



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There are Arma2 Units out there that you can earn rank in, My Unit is Officially playing Arma2 But most of us are testing and giving feedback for the Arma3 Alpha we will be transferring over once Arma3 goes Live. all you have to do is look for current Arma2 Units/clans and you wont have to worry about a ranking system.

There are also modules in the Arma 3 Editor that you can place and set triggers that will automatically rank a player up for the mission based on score/points.


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you are ridiculous.
Picture americas army 3. nothing like call of duty. Put up that name to expect to stir some things up, should have known a worthless POS would say something.

well they already do have a point thing where if you do objectives, destroy enemy vehicles, etc., you get extra points on top of the 1 kill point

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Drawing from my own opinion, views, and information provided to use by BI. They provide everything you need to do this. Their are 2 essentially important things to this though. One, this is a sandbox mixed with a some what of military simulator. Two, they provide a scripting environment which allows you to create addons, framework, and scripts.

Drawing from that you should add a ranking system in a sandbox because it have no real linear game/story environment. In which you see in other games. That being said I'm voting no.

I think a ranking system the way described, unlocking classes and such is a bad idea.. Which is why i'm voting no. The reason for this is that it is a sandbox game, and a MILSIM..

A game like this should at all times be based on skills, and not on how high a rank you have.. Which weapons you get, is decided by the mission creators, and that is what makes a great game with equality..

Clans even use this system to set up their own big fights that may last for 30 mins - several days.. Being able to actually set up a fully functional army unit, if there is enough members.. So instead of being just a shooter, this is an opportunity to experience army life without the fatal consequences.

I voted no. It's a combat simulator....I don't want another arcade style game, that's not why I play ArmA. I don't want tournament play with leagues and competition.

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not always ranked fools.

read the damn topic FFS

An incarnation of the ACRE mod would boost teamwork as well. ACRE is a TS3 plugin for ACE in ArmA 1 and 2. It makes it so, without a radio you can only talk to people within realistic voice range, and with a radio you can talk to anyone on your channel within the limitations of the specific radio. It's hard to explain why, but this created the best communication and teamwork I've ever seen in any game.

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we know.
domination mode u get ranks, but i've never seen to what extent.

americas army 3 you had to pass tests to be able to use weapons, and got priority for slots.
and minus points for teamkills.


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I understand what you are trying to put across, I think what they are looking for is game content. Not so much game modes at this point i would suggest maybe putting across your game mode ideas somewhere like armaholic because at the end of the day most of the multiplayer missions/modes are made by the players themselves, There is a lot of Mp missions in arma 2 with gear by rank systems.(most of the time turned off in params) And your talking about a server that saves your progress like dayz ? In my opinion any type of leader board leads to bad things down the line such as a influx of hacks as people always want to be the best or out do each other

No offense intended

I believe you major failing was to have mentioned the name of the game-that-shall-not-be-named. I think it would greatly improve gameplay to require players to go through a basic boot camp tutorial before playing multiplayer, including basic tactics and HOW TO NOT THROW GRENADES WHEN ACCESSING GEAR.

Actually, the game isn't an arcade game at all, there are other games that include team work on large maps to battle with clan or not.

I mean there's not any game as close to a MILSIM than Arma. If devs implemented this rank system, or points and so on with unlocked classes, that would not fit with the current game aim.

I'm pretty sure that the negative votes amount will give you an overview on the "we don't want an arcade game".

If you want a COD ranking system, then go and by COD!!!

When ranking system were introduced in COD, that’s were when all cheating started.
So please leave it out!!!

Ranking system to Arma III when hell freezes.

Obvious troll..

Didn't vote, but this probably won't happen. If you'd like it to happen, please feel free to learn sqf and code it up.

go play americas army 3 then! hahahaha

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Ranked game MODE goes against what I think ArmA is about and to suggest they add it in because you want to be rewarded and told you're doing good is probably a sign that ArmA is not right for you. It's like asking for a drift mode in an F1 sim.

Some ARMA 2 mods had simple implementations of a ranking system for inventory/vehicle unlock (e.g. Domination and Evolution). And if that is any indication, one can expect at least some type of ranking within ported-over or new community-developed mods.

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Stop trolling.

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Go to sleep kid.
This is realism tactical shooter, not the fucking SCI FI like Call of Duty..

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There most important its mission!No score!We should help firends, because We do nothing alone...If you like cod's type game, please back to their severs...Leave Arma for us, military's tactic fans...armaholics ;]

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lol'd and voted (Hell) No.


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kill him with fire....

You're all making things worse by going on impulse via replying, let this die.

CoD people do not belong in Arma 3. Stick to your crappy as arcade games and let the pros enjoy arma 3 without CoD people. CoD is nothing but a game for 12 yr old prepubescent little kids. This game is a military sim for true gamers.

Stop trolling and let it die.

Ranking systems are something of worst things that happened to games.

Also for clan matches you dont need a score system for each player, just for the team.