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Stratis has wrong coordinates
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Stratis world config has:
longitude = 17.352;
latitude = -48.964;
which is to the south of Capetown

Expected real world location:
longitude = 25.011;
latitude = 39.518;


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Bohemia added a subscriber: rogerx.Mar 7 2013, 10:56 PM

considering this isnt a real island we dont really have to worry about this now do we. im not going to down vote you either

Perhaps it is for legal reasons. Remember the guys getting thrown in jail for taking pictures? that is why it is called Stratis and not Lemnos.

Well the devs still call them Mediterranean islands, so it is sensible to put it atleast in northern hemisphere.

Maybe this is Robben Island? I didn't see a prison anywhere though. The only issue then would be getting Nelson Mandela to allow 'his' island to be used by Bohemia. Given the political and historical sensitivity of this island I suggest they don't get caught illegally taking photos there - they could get locked up for a very long time! :) One other thing - it's in the Southern Hemisphere so the seasons are different - so I guess its coordinates are just some random location.

Up-voted. Note that this effects the way the lightning/stars work in game. Such as position of the sun on certain days of the month, etc.

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ceeeb added a comment.Jun 6 2013, 5:29 AM

For some reason, in the OFP -> Arma 3 engine latitudes are inverted (positive = south).
This puts Stratis in the Czech Republic.

Stratis world coordinates were changed in the recent update. Please check if this issue is still valid.

Somebody want to advise what the new coordinates are?

(Awesome details ceeeb has posted below!)

ceeeb added a comment.Jun 28 2013, 7:02 AM

It's still not in the correct real world location as Limnos, but at least it's now in the Mediterranean.

latitude = -48.964; (remember that +'ve is south)
longitude = 17.352;

latitude = -35.097;
longitude = 16.482;

The island of Stratis IS a real place. It is not Limnos(Atlis), but it is about 30km south of Limnos.

Well, since the islands have both been fictionalized, it makes sense that Stratis is not in the exact same spot as Agios Efstratios.

Marking as resolved/fixed.

Mass close.