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addGoggles - Place Goggles in Ammocrates?
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only works in a unit.
the goggles are defined in cfgglasses, not cfgweapons

if you have goggles on your head you can move them into and out of crates in game, but how to place them without using additem/addweapon?


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this addGoggles "G_Diving";

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Goggles are barely supported as of now, you cannot get them off weapon container or add there, (getItemCargo doesn't return goggles) you cannot check if dead player has goggles at all, etc.

This is weird... you can put all of the diving gear in an ammobox, apart from the goggles.

This cannot be used in the game unless you spawn as the Diver from the start. What we are looking for is the ability to be have the various items for the divers available from the base spawned ammo crate. How can we have the rebreather and wetsuit and not the goggles??

So you are essentially asking for goggle manipulation script functions.

Maybe you should modify the ticket accordingly, since adding them to ammo crates isn't your only problem, right?

You mean we are asking for commands such as addGogglesCargoGlobal. Yes, I think so.

Perhaps it would be best if, for the purposes of ammo boxes and vehicle cargo spaces, eyewear was treated as items instead of a seperate config family.

As someone who is well versed in these things, could you suggest a better ticket title? I don't want to bork someone elses ticket. :)

it seems there is no way of adding goggles to an ammo box with script. upvoted


I don't want to use the VAS box because it gives people access to gear they are not supposed to have.

BIS, get your ass off Take on Mars, VBS, Dayz2 and fix issues of the game.
If DLC releases and you have all these petty script errors left I'll make sure to write a review about it.

Oh, come on, it STILL not fixed? :\ How many developers does BIS have? 0.5?

should be fixed since DEV. 124414