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Suggestion for enhanced grenade throwing system (more realistic and less accidental frags)
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I like the current system, but it could be enhanced too. Here's my suggestion to make the new grenade system even better:

  1. Taking the frag from your inventory
  2. hold G about 0.5-1 seconds, your character plays animation where it takes a frag from the inventory
  3. if you release G, the grenade is put back to inventory and throw is cancelled
  1. Confirming the throw by taking safety knob off
  2. keep holding the G button down, the character takes the safety knob off, the throw action can't be cancelled anymore by releasing the G button
  1. Adjusting the power of throw
  2. keep holding the G button, the longer you hold G, the more power the throw will have
  3. if you released G at step 2, frag will be thrown with minimum power
  4. the maximum level of power could be reached in 1-1.5 seconds
  1. Throwing the grenade

The system would have two major benefits: It would decrease the probability of accidental throw drastically because a normal single tap of G button wouldn't be enough to trigger the throw action, and it would be more realistic (you just can't crab a frag in your inventory, take the safety knob off and throw it in less than 0.5 seconds).


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The problem with the old system and with what you are suggesting now is, that you can't abort those animations. Means, throwing a grenade will render you unable to move or abort that for 3-5 seconds.
That's pretty deadly on the battlefield.

I agree on maybe throwing a grenade only after hitting G twice or such.

That can already be done though, you can set nade throw to a double tap.

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banshee, that's why the anims are divided to multiple parts in the suggestion – if you just hit G, the first animation would be finished in 0.5-1 seconds and because you're not holding the G anymore, the throw would abort. This results in that you can move immediately after the short first animation has finished.

i'd like something more "fast throw" oriented such:

  • Press G, grenades is taken out (around 1 second, in this time you should be able to move). At this point you have your 'nade in hands instead of the rifle/handgun
  • Right mouse button, remove safety pin
  • Left mouse button, throw the nade. The longer you press, the more powerfull the throw will be

I dont care how it should be changed, but throwing a Nade by one button, that is actually the old gear button, has made me killed about 10 Teammates by accident.

Maybe you just need to get used to the new keyboard scheme, I like using 'I' for inventory and 'g' for the grenade.

There's an Arma 2 controls preset in the options.

Why not just allow you to Hold "G" and hold / cook the grenade, and G+V or another keybind to abort? be alot simpler, and i like to generally hold grenages for a second before throwing for last second corrections.

Just because we're used to something else doesn't mean that it's wrong as it is. In our Community most people have bound the grenade to 2xG now because of the old habits. But having to do multiple steps isn't really the solution to that problem. After thinking about this, I kinda like the gamey element to this. It's good in CQB as it is.

I'd be okay if G toggles to grenade and left mousebutton lets you throw it. Once you release G it brings up your weapon again wether or not you've thrown your grenade.

Might be nice, I know that a lot of other FPS do that where you just switch to a grenade pose, on a side note, if they did decide to do that, x2 G could switch you to a pose to roll the grenade? :P

I pray to Crosby that the developers will make this happen.

I don't like the multi step grenade thing that this guy suggests, but button to take out grenade, and mouse to throw sounds reasonable.

I like the current grenade system, it seems much more natural to just aim higher or lower for a further or shorter throw, than having to hold down a button to get a further throw like arma 2 did which felt very unnatural. Being able to hold the grenade to "cook" it might be nice though.

Ezcoo added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 7:15 PM

Feel free to post your own suggestions and link the tickets here, let's see what people like the most. I like some suggestions, like the G + mouse thing. :)

I have another suggestion:

Press g to take out the grenade and hold it to cook the grenade.

Press the mouse button to adjust the power behind the throw.

This way you can

  1. Press g and then hold the mouse for one second to throw the nade far without cooking it.
  1. Press and hold g to cook the nade and then by holding the mouse for one sec throw the nade far away.
  1. Press and hold g to cook the nade and then by clicking the mouse button once - have it thrown over a little wall or sth.
  1. All variations between.

This way you would still have basically the system as now - only that you have more adjustable options to use your nade.

Only thing to add: The time to hold the mouse button to throw the nade far away MUST NOT be long.
It should take a click to drop the nade at the ground

  • a very short hold of the mbt to throw it over a near obstacle
  • a short hold to throw it mid range
  • and a just a longer time to have the full power-

You could still use your nades on the run but would have many other advantages too.

Ps: After reading the OP a second and third time I finally understand what he means by "taking the nade out of the inventory" - I read is as: open inventory to click on the nade and then hold it in your hand.

Could you pls rewrite this so pepole cant misread your suggestions? The other way it makes much more sense.


PPS: related to this:

--> rebinds gear key to G as in gear, and the grenade key,... something else.

But the grenades could fly a tat further though.

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JNC added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 10:15 PM

Takeing nad out of inventory (hopefully they arent kept in backpack) and pulling pin should take 1 to 1.5 seconds if nad is easily accessed on chest or belt than 2 seconds to throw or 3 if a crows hop is made. This also depends on if you drop your weapon (no?) or if your off hand holds it the whole time.

4 to 4.5 seconds from time nad is grabbed to release

If nad is cooked than add this time.

He pulls pin at 15 seconds after (as seen from timer at lwr left hand of vid) and releases at 19 seconds after. He is also not holding a weapon or in combat fyi

Ezcoo added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 8:03 AM

JNC, I'd love to have those times too but the problem is that it's more than likely that your character would get frozen during the animations because they're interruptable, that doesn't happen IRL. We had this kind of system in Arma 2 and I think that nooone liked it. Hence the inability to move during grenade throw should be compensated with shorter animations.

So the shorter-than-IRL animations times and the anims being divided to parts are there to reach balance between realism and gameplay.

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Agree with Kid18120 (

  • Press G, grenades is taken out (around 1 second, in this time you should be able to move). At this point you have your 'nade in hands instead of the rifle/handgun
  • Right mouse button, remove safety pin
  • Left mouse button, throw the nade. The longer you press, the more powerfull the throw will be
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TugeX added a comment.Mar 14 2013, 5:29 AM
  1. G = equip grenade to your hand
  2. press and HOLD RMB = pull the pin and hand back to throwing position

3a. LMB = throw
3b. release RMB = put pin back

Cooking is deadly to the thrower with many modern grenades, fuse is often 2 seconds.

Linkin added a subscriber: Linkin.May 7 2016, 11:21 AM

"Agree with Kid18120 ( [^])

  • Press G, grenades is taken out (around 1 second, in this time you should be able to move). At this point you have your 'nade in hands instead of the rifle/handgun
  • Right mouse button, remove safety pin
  • Left mouse button, throw the nade. The longer you press, the more powerfull the throw will be "

^^^^ This guy has the right idea!!!

It would also be nice if you could shoot a soldier holding a live grenade with the pin pulled and take out a few of his squad members that way.

Thx for supporting my suggestion, Linkin ^^

+100 too Kid18120 propose

To DEV team: We like ARMA mainly for its realism.So, grenade system HAS to be more sophisticated-realistic.I believe This one Dslyecxi's Grenade Concept Mashup has it all, apart from power adjustment (which I think should be analog, using the mouse, like playing snooker game)

IMO, Great idea of holding it longer to activate it but the grenade power should be left alone.
The problem with Arma in the past was getting the appropriate amount of power for the right distance or getting it through a window without it falling short or bouncing back, i think now that its a stable power you get used to the power over time and are able to be more accurate with your throws.

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Khan added a comment.Apr 24 2013, 1:53 PM

This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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bez added a comment.Jun 4 2013, 12:20 AM

too much of one long press to throw a grenade.

I like the idea of the longer I hold the further it's thrown,
but I want to aim and have my time about it.

With your idea if I want to throw a grenade with let's say 50% force
I would have to hold the G button and and release it in the exact time
all in one press which gives me a limited window to aim my throw.

or did I get it wrong?

Ezcoo added a comment.Jun 30 2013, 2:31 PM

Maybe like this:

You can cook the frag with RMB after the pin has been taken off, but you throw it only when you release G (the actual throwing button). If you release RMB while cooking it will just reset the cooking level, so you can cook the frag again.