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Multiplayer lobby- role text not easily read when selected
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The red and yellow texts are fine and easy to read. however, when you select a role, the white flashing/ glowing box obscures the player's role and makes their name very difficult to read.

bottom line: impossible to read white/ pale grey on white background, very difficult to read bright yellow on white background


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Windows 7
Menu UI
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use a contrasting colour rather than white as the glowing box, maybe a darker grey or more matt colour.

alternatively do away with the glowing box altogether (the text and layout is very clear to read) or just have an initial glow to confirm/ highlight before the box fades away

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I have attached a screenshot, showing the low contrast that is causing the difficulty.

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just in case anyone is thinking what I would: my graphics are normal, gamma, brightness, contrast etc are all det to default/ normal and not the cause of the issue

was about to report this as well, thx

Confirming. Specially when you join a host first, the selection is not pulsing and remains almost white, so you have to click somewhere first (choose a role) before you can read the selected row.

@Astaroth it's fixed. See screenshot.
Ticket can be closed.

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