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Putting a weapon into the inventory of an active AH/MH-6 (engine on) causes it to explode
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Whenever I try to leave my pistol inside either chopper it instantaneously explodes, if the chopper's engine is running. This happens each and every time. I can leave all other sorts of items inside though. {F17029}


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Put a pistol (or other weapon) into a chopper. (Engine must be on.)

Also, see the attached repro mission.

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I am unable to reproduce it.

I create a mission with me (rifleman) and an empty mh6. If I get in as passenger, it gives me the "gear" option, but neither dragging nor right clicking my sidearm across makes it blow up.

With the ah-6 I didn't get the opportunity to use the inventory dialog with the chopper, not even using the I key outside the helicopter.

I also tried the ka50, but that didn't work much better.

I was able to reproduce this, but not the way the original poster did. I found that if the rotor was moving on a MH9/AH9 and you drop _any_ weapon into the chopper it will take damage. I tried with the SDAR, a MX, P07 and the NLAW. Same result if I was the pilot jumped out and placed a weapon before the rotor stops, or if the AI was piloting and I was a passenger.

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As per Toktotte's note, it occurs when the rotor is spinning, occured to me a few minutes ago, on the Alpha 0.11 Dev Branch.

I don't want this fixed. But I suspect it will be.. But all editor missions from now on, will contain a script that checks for any gear on littlebirds' inventory, and if there is any, KABOOM!

Confirmed 100% reproducable in latest dev build. I'll upload a repro mission and update the title+description, since this only seems to happen if the engine is running.

Seems to happen with other weapons too. Updated accordingly.

Should be fixed in current dev build.

Mass close.