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Driver and others look like dead when in a vehicle
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Like the title, Driver and others in a vehicle look like dead (head inclined left). {F17011}


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1)Join in any car
2)Look the person who's in car

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Picture please

EDIT: check his pulse, he may be actually dead :D

I've added a picture of a player in a boat (not an AI)

I've also seen this, definitely wasn't dead as he was *driving* an Ifrit. He was using a custom skin somehow (underpants) not sure if that's relevant.

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@Ezekiel: not relevant, happens to every sort of character in every clothing (underpants is not a custom skin, just open your gear, take away your clothes and look yourself)

seems like most passengers are not finished, since it looks normal from outside the vehicle but strange from the inside, except some passengers seen from a specific seat (perhaps for showcase?)

I've had this problem once, couldn't reprouce it:
I went inside the Ifrit as driver and looked dead. My vision looked like if my head was inclined left, and I looked dead from outside.
I just stepped out and then back in to fix the problem.

This kind of explains why I can not see my enemies in enemy boats.

I agree... I got into Ifrit driven by my squad leader and realised the driver animation was of a dead body.... yet the squad leader was fine and driving the vehicle.

Category set to Anims, since it's more fitting.

Looks like there are dozens of duplicate reports about this issue.

Testus added a subscriber: Testus.May 7 2016, 10:58 AM

They are just sleeping until the next fight.
So it's no bug, just a feature for tired soldiers!

Same here.
AI in Vehicles are alive. Other players look dead/sleeping^^

This appears to have been fixed in the latest dev build. Can anyone confirm?

Same as one of my issue. I recreated my issue buy pressing V to step into the vehicle then immediately get inside it while stepping, and I appeared dead lol.

Appears to have been resolved in the latest dev build.

Mass close.