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Whilst prone/crouching soldier turn rate not limited
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While playing as an infantry soldier, You are able to spin around as fast as you can move the mouse.

This leads to ridiculous looking spinning soldiers and also takes away some realism and promotes twitch type gameplay.(flanking etc. not as efective)


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  1. Play as any infantry.
  2. Set mouse sensitivity to max.
  3. Go prone
  4. Spin your view as fast as you can.
  5. Become a breakdancer! Turn like a PRO!
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Same issue was present in A2 then solved in a later patch.
Hope BIS will fix this before the game's lunch this time *crossfingers*


This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Please take your consolish crap restrictions somewhere else. What the FUCK is the matter with you? One of the few TRUE PC games left and you want to fucking add CONSOLITIS to it?!?? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?!!?

FFS, if the mouse is made slow and groggy again like the past 2 games, I will figuratively flip my shit. One of the BIGGEST things that has brought me joy in ArmA 3 is being able to freaking aim without feeling like I'm dragging my mouse through gravy.

NO THANK YOU! Take your consolitis somewhere else!

Bumgie added a subscriber: Bumgie.May 7 2016, 10:53 AM

MulleDK19. Why are you so angry? And why do you say that its getting "CONSOLITIS ??!?"? Some pretty good things have happened among the bad on the console gaming front. But anyway this ticket has more to do with the legacy of arma games than with the Console vs. PC debate.


I would like you to take a short broom handle as your rifle and go prone on your livingroom floor and try to perform the manuver seen in the above video. Also if you were kind enought to tape it and post it to youtube as a proof of your superhuman abilities and also for our amusement.

Also Trivium I would like you to consider the fact that one of the major selling points of arma has always been the pursuit of authenticity and reality. Maybe you think this game to be something else that it isnt. For it surely is not a twitch shootter.

You CANNOT sacrifice mouse control for "authenticity". This is already a huge problem with driving, making it impossible to steer.

Take a look at Live for Speed, the most respected driving simulator on the planet. It allows you to steer as fast as you can move the mouse, because they know you can't sacrifice mouse control for realism.

They FINALLY fix the horrible mouse accelerated, smoothed, speed limited input system and you want it back? No thanks...

Bumgie added a comment.May 3 2013, 2:40 AM

I wrote a huge note that was long and epic but I wrote it too long and I got some error and was unable to get it posted, but to sum it all up.

Please provide some propper arguments instead of consolitis, mouse gravy or racing games.

"You CANNOT sacrifice mouse control for "authenticity"."

Really? Why not ?

AI seems to have limited turn ability, while prone. Why not the player? We have a very athletic character anyway, for the sake of maneuverability and smooth gameplay. And turning while driving and turning while prone, are two different matters.

setACCTime 0.1 or such you'll see what's a superman's turn!
Will,Turning with delay may be worse,but the BODY TURN should have a speed limit,while the gun could turn as fast as you can move the mouse (to separate them, try aim down, hold Lalt and move gun around, see what is GUN TURN)
Also I find that the FreeLook do have speed limit.

Absolutely agree that you shouldn't be able to spin on your belly whilst prone, any more than you could in real life.

Even whilst crouched you wouldn't be able to spin easily without falling over but you would be able to twist your upper body somewhat, so perhaps this could be implemented so that when crouched and aiming to the left or right, past about 10'o clock or 2'o clock, the characters upper body twists to about up to 8'o clock or 4'o clock, to allow him some ability to protect his flanks (perhaps using freelook but still allowing you to aim down the sights, which it doesn't in A2). To actually rotate his entire body to face behind him though should not be an instant "spin" manouver.

Bumgie added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 6:25 PM

Yep. Nothing has changed on this front.

Dev. Build
The problem is still here...

This is such a drawback in regards to Arma II, it feels so arcade now...
Was it so hard to copy&paste the sway from Arma II ?

Time for BI to do the right thing.

Drive a spike through the middle of your community if you have to, but these issues MUST be fixed, very insulting to longtime fans of the series.

Bumgie added a comment.Jun 1 2014, 4:54 PM

Assigned for over a year. Some hope. New inertia changes are happening. Perhaps related?

  • Parameter for inertia in weaponType. 16-05-2014 devbranch.

new inertia in weapontype has changed nothing , i hope this issue will be solved with the new dlc marksman !

because many arcade game like COD or BATTLEFIELD have no problem and are more realistic than that !

over 2 years still unchanged..

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Dear BI... Any info on this issue? I would be so happy if this could be addressed.