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Helicopters stick to surfaces whilst landing at speed
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Landing helicopters at nearly any speed causes the helicopter to stick unnaturally to the surface like the surface is made of glue. It almost feels like it's magnetized to the ground. I thought this was just a AH/MH-9 thing, but it also happens with the wheeled KA-60. It would be truly fantastic to slide along surfaces whilst landing at speed, please consider looking into this BIS. It will be truly appreciated.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Fly either helicopter under 80km/h
  2. Land said helicopter at any speed under 80km/h
  3. Your helicopter should either magnetize itself to the ground or stick and inertia will cause you to frontflip
Additional Information

You could skate your Little Bird along the ground in ARMA 2 whilst landing. Wheeled helicopters unfortunately had same problem as listed above.

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Agreed, it will look way more realistic...

From my personal view, this attempts to replicate a wheel brake option which is something that is useful for Helicopter's such as the KA-60. However at current I agree the stopping force is too great for simple wheel brakes, however the concept should not be abandoned.

I would suggest reducing the default state to a "Brake Off" that will allow for rolling landings or Taxing as the ticket maker states. However, for situations such as Pinnacle Landings. ( Then having a Wheel brake option that can be toggled on via the Action menu could be a life saver.

Good call on the wheel brakes, but the issue should definitely be fixed for skid helicopters...

Wheel brakes would be neat to toggle on/off, however this current issue isn't really caused by wheel brakes. If wheel brakes couldn't be toggled, then I would like to have a little bit of resistance with the wheels while landing. Almost as if the brakes are at 30%, so you could still do rolling landings, but have it gradually slow you down.

SGTIce added a subscriber: SGTIce.May 7 2016, 10:52 AM

PhysX 3 what have you done!?

Agree with main post.

Along with a possible wheel break option.: Wheeled Helicopter should have the option to taxi around on the ground.

The magnetism seems to affect all vehicles and not just Helicopters, If you drive an ATV downhill and start flipping, once you land on your wheels you almost always "stick" in an unnatural way.

Also any form of inertia after the "stick" is completely irrelevant, whatever direction your ATV is facing when you stop rolling is suddenly the direction all your previous momentum in the original direction gets turned to.

I want that in Arma 3

Quick stop without gain altitude and glide over surface

Thank you for Arma 3 bis !! excellent

I guess this magnetism-effect is necessary to avoid the slow collision-dectection which comes with a physics-simulation. PhysX is constantly checking for overlapping geometrie/surfaces. To simulate a realistic collision-behaviour, especially for fast moving objects, physX needs to check the object-position as often as possible. Increasing this check-frequency has a high impact on hardware requirements. The vehicles in Arma3 seem weightless and rubberlike. That has been done to reduce the objectspeed so that the collision-detection can work properly while maintaining a decend framerate. Helis though have to be fast and agile - and to ensure that, the physic-simulation between the helicopter and the ground has to be circumvented.

Discussing that possibility of sliding the helicopter makes me think of dust landings!
How about dust coming up and clouding your sight - and anyone elses - when landing (too slowly) on sandy surfaces or having the rotors pitched after landing so they still produce a downwash?

Excellent idea, Enforcer.

yup, check out my landing... i was sitting up there like i was parked on level ground, and when i turned the engine off i fell.... lol [^]

Nice Deranged Nam Vet!

Make a separate ticket enforcer

Should be fixed for skid choppers.

hahahahahaha. LOVE that picture! Too funny.

Just don't go to the opposite extreme and make the ground teflon. I don't want to land on a very slight, gradual slope & have my helo slide into the ocean!

Upvoted, Specially while making a landing with damaged main motor, you will need the sliding in order to come to a save halt....

I believe this should be fixed, I have seen Blackhawks at airshows land at slow speeds.

SGTIce added a comment.Apr 2 2013, 7:30 AM

I've seen blackhawks land at places other than airshows?

At >300 votes, this ticket is definitely the one that will remain open (vote count generally trumps creation date, unless the counts are very low or almost the same). Thanks for pointing out the dupes though. ;)

Also reviewed and confirmed.

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Fixing this will help when doing emergency landings on runways or in fields after a tail rotor loss. The sliding landing is much easier. Also, I want to add my vote to adding wheel brakes to wheeled helicopters. Pitching the collective after releasing brakes would be nice for moving the aircraft around taxiways with rudder controlling the nose or tail wheel angle.

oukej added a comment.Apr 22 2013, 4:35 PM

Our cunning programmers have dissolved the glue mistakenly applied before to the skids and wheels. You can observe the change already in the dev. build on Steam.

Mass close.