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Terrain transforms when moving prone
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When moving prone, the ground itself (below the grass) "sinks" down in front of the player, and will pop back up if the player moves backwards. Not sure if this is intended behavior or not, but it looks strange.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a hill at a relatively steep angle.
  2. Go prone, and move parallel (neither towards top of hill or bottom)
  3. Look at the ground slightly in front of the player when moving slowly
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Title and description edited, since this effect is not limited to hills.

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This is a result of the Parallax effect on ground textures in ArmA. Something I really would like to be able to turn off... It's pretty janky and I can't imagine the performance is worth it. No idea how much performance is hit by it, probably not, but it rarely looks all that great and is really dumb when you're down on the ground.

They should definately make it optional. On higher cards it won't matter but lower ones it certainly will...either way the current implimentation is odd since it 'warps' the ground rather than expand a better distance to avoid such things.

Probably a result of normal mapping; was present in ARMA 2.

it looks like your guy is emitting some kind of aura that moves the ground around as you crawl- really awkward for not being a saiyan...

its issues with Parallax!! migrated in A3 from A2 :D

Antialiasing and parallax must be fixed :)

NOTE: and its happens not only in water, its everywhere

The only way to solve it is one of two things, extend the distance in which the parrallax occlusion renders...and if it is such a short distance due to performance then it should be a separate option.

The latter might be better since it is forced on with high textures (something that is more of a standard to use option)

I agree, really does look retarded for this game, and it is equally distracting as the popping effect of models switching between LOD. The parallax mapping does do wonders to give depth to textures, but with the current distraction, I'd say not worth it. If extending the parallax mapping does fix it, id be greatful, how much of an impact it will have i don't know. Perhaps BIS will need to look into tesselation to replace parallax mapping?

Anyways, I'd like parallax making to be a selectable option independently, in fact I'd like all configurable settings to be adjustable independently to better fine tune, i think there is a ticket for that though.

POM can be very expensive on performance for sure. Way back in the days of crysis 1 I forced my computer to run DX11 (chuggy but nice) and the poor thing had a heart attack on the snow level (the one where POM is EVERYWHERE)

I'd dare say that POM takes about half the resources when you go from high to very high textures and that is a hue problem because it is there for everyone, and that is a problem since it forces lower cards to render a higher demand and as a result POM can't be used to the best of functionality.

Here for example are good distances for POM.

The sad part is that it could really beautify the environment by adding that extra depth on pebbles, walls and details like that. But in its current form it's more of an annoying gimmick as well as an anchor on performance for those lesser equipped.

Imagine if this looked more like this

Update it to "always reproducible". it's annoying as hell, was about to post a duplicate.

Happens to all terrain, just most noticeable on inclines/uneven surfaces.

Agreed this looks awful.

This must be one of the reasons why most objects look like they're hovering over the ground..

Exactly phal, they should just break up all the graphic settings and isolate them so that we can enable and or disable any settings that bother us, for example for me to get rid of this, i have to scale my terrain settings down to standard, unfortunately that impacts other things like the view distance of grass, and unusual geometry on terrain, creating flouting objects and trees in the distance.

There already is a ticket to break up and isolate these settings as a form of advanced tweaking, i really do hope they implement that.

Updated. This bug makes me feel so popular.

I'm still at a loss as to why severity is "trivial". Next to all the texture/object pop-in, this must be the most annoying thing about the game.

At the time when I reported it, there were a lot of other bugs that actually interfered with playing the game. If most of the issues now are just cosmetic, I'll bump up the severity.
EDIT: I guess I can't adjust the severity. In any case, it's already been reviewed, so the severity at this point doesn't matter that much.

You know ii totally agree,.. You know what would be a great fix? Getting rid of parallax mapping, and replacing it with tessellation. Not only would it do a better job at achieving the same goal, but it could also be applied as a great alternative to dynamic LOD, which would solve the popping of models.

But at this point i guess its too late to implement that now -sigh-

Yeah i was aware you couldn't change the severity, was wondering why the mods kept it so low.

But as you say, it's probably because it's cosmetic, but i hope the solution is as "trivial" as the problem.

upvoted. this is just annoying, ugly and unnecessary.

This still hasn't been fixed :(

EDIT: I don't think i've seen this issue in any game in the last 15 years that i've been playing PC games.

I've never seen this is any other game, yet they refuse to fix it. How long ago was it "released"? I feel bad for wasting my $40 on this crap.

This is present in a other games, problem is that in arma your head is closer to the ground.

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I'm sorry to bring DayZ up here but Dean Hall mentioned this bug specifically in the latest livestream and that they managed to fix it. Anyone who has DayZ can confirm this.

@pops: Hope they share the tip with Bohemia.

It's possible to turn off, in Terrain select Standard or lower.

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I think that's something to do with DirectX 11 (not sure)

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Aby other solution apart from setting the terrain to standard?

Confirmed, please disable it!

@Aikmofobi - that's not a fix.

@Costavojik - it doesn't, as we've noted above, it hasn't been seen in other games.

@nnbengboy2 - no, Arma 3 isn't crap. It's a massive effort and quite an enjoyable game...still has a lot of rough edges but it's getting better.

@SuicideKing I would agree that it just "has rough edges" IF

1.) They stopped releasing paid dlc and focused on fixing their game.

2.) BIS charged less than $60 for a "full released" game that has so many problems.

Please at least give us optionn to disable it

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Massively improved with the new parallax, but the issue still exists. It just has a more circular wavy effect rather than a single dip in the terrain.

Tested on RC 1.56.134512
Repro steps: prone on a steep hill facing up the slope, hold alt and move the character's head up and down, the artifacts move with the player.

RC 1.56 is a huge improvement! A place where it is still visible in 1.56 RC: In the south east corner of Camp Maxxwell on Stratis is a half buried row of sand bags. If you approach the sand bangs from the camp the ground wave is still very visible.