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Using OpenTrack using TrackIR or Freetrack protocol, 1° of rotation sent to game input appears to result in 100° rotation on axis.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Using OpenTrack with TrackIR or Freetrack protocol, send any pitch/yaw input to game.

Additional Information

As a hack, resolved in my environment by reducing translation curve in Open track by two places. Ie. output of 100° is now 1.00°. Unfortunately this results in less smooth head translation, but it works at least.

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Experiencing the same issue.

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I’ve seen many reports of this issue on different forums and am experiencing the same myself. I find the issue makes track ir completely un-useable and thus renders Reforger borderline unplayable for anyone used to the head tracking capability. This has been a basic capability for any serious player since ArmA2 - please please can it be fixed ASAP as I would like to play more Reforger but currently find it impossible.

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Gilatar added a comment.EditedDec 8 2023, 3:23 AM

Still occurs with the latest update

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rogerx added a comment.EditedDec 31 2023, 5:04 AM

Same here, track-ir is going bonkers or randomly looking all around within arma reforger game! No fix as of yet??

Within the track-ir application, un-tick YAW and the random reporting ceases.

Only X-axis seems to be reporting. Un-ticking/ticking Y axis has no effect. Seems yaw axis has been swapped with y-axis in the arma reforger game, with x-axis working but y-axis likely reporting out-of-bounds or exponential view rate, causing the abnormal/random bouncing report rate.

I could have swore Track IR was working a year or more ago within Arma Reforger? Or was I dreaming?

Rogerx is quite right - TrackIR worked perfectly with Reforger out of the box on initial release, and I was very impressed. It would be good to have some acknowledgement this is being worked on!

If this is the case, then it is very likely a simple programming mistake inhibited within the past year or ~12 months.
Mixing-up the yaw axis with the y-axis with yaw axis being used as the y-axis, creating an out-of-bounds when moving the head left or right, making the view bounce erratically.

It may be possible to temporarily narrow the slew or narrow the boundaries within the TrackIR application for yaw axis, but I'm no TrackIR expert and may very well likely be interpreting this bug incorrectly.  And I do not enjoy playing around with TrackIR settings once the settings/profile is working, or known working. (See bug reporter's temporary workaround.)

The reason why this severe bug is not likely fixed yet, this bug is only stated as a minor bug, when it should be marked as severe or a regression. Hopefully this bug gets escalated and easily resolved, as the game is very unusually not playable with the TrackIR hardware. (Minor usually means a nuisance, and not making something dysfunctional. Minor usually means a visual anomaly, my foot looks like my hand, starting the game takes a few seconds longer, ...) Since this bug is a regression, should have been immediately fixed rather than waiting more than a few months, then wasting more time finding the version where the bug/regression occurred.

At first, this scenario (or symptoms) typically occurs when there's other light emitting heat sources in the background of the room with the computer.  (eg. light bulbs, infrared lights, etc...)  When I switched-off or nullified all sources, the erratic bouncing view continued, even after hitting my re-center key. (TrackIR re-center key, F12)

Again, bug is severe, completely disables the TrackIR functionality within the game.

I first noticed this bug in the 1.0 update, and most of the other reports seem to date from that period too.

rogerx added a comment.EditedJan 1 2024, 5:46 AM

I screwed up stating the axis. Y axis (up/down is screwed/bonkers) while X axis (left/right) is a little too sensitive.

WORKAROUND: Within the official TrackIR application, set the SPEED (at the top of the application) to the lowest, 0.1 decimal number. I also set SMOOTH to 50, but doubtful this helps. The Y axis is now barely playable, but I think this is "head bobbing" throwing TrackIR off and aim/focus will not steady on Y axis.

Adjust the field of view to 100% from default 74%. This might be inhibiting the bouncing/out-of-bounds, but not tested this theory. This doesn't really slow down the free-look sensitivity much if any at all. Really, the free-look sensitivity needs to be further reduced!
Playing with the graph at the bottom doesn't seem to have much effect.

rogerx added a comment.EditedJan 2 2024, 4:44 AM

Scratch my last post for workarounds. Plain and simple, ARMA Reforger needs a new TrackIR profile.

I created a new profile by copy pasting a prior working ARMA profile.

Set the YAW (right/left) graph slew slope.
Set the PITCH (up/down) graph slew slope.

Likely will need to use the mouse wheel to zoom in on the graph, along with significantly moving the points along the slope.

Typically, might desire a very small dead zone when the head is centered.

I'll attach a TrackIR ARMA Reforger profile I have so far, using default TrackIR 1 (one) Speed and 1 (one) Smooth settings.

Axis Z = zoom (doesn't look like it is linked/activated within ARMA Reforger)
Axis Roll = head roll? (doesn't look like it is linked/activated within ARMA Reforger)
Axis X = ?
Axis Y = ?

Track IR within ARMA Reforger is lacking TrackIR zoom axis.

Bug still not marked as critical/severe.

Hi all, no change in latest experimental build ( still unplayable with TrackIR. *sad face*

Try my XML file for TrackIR attached to my Jan 1 2024, 22:44 post above.

Still have not figured-out lean support or the Z axis head zoom. The Z-axis support might be an explicitly coded axis function within prior ARMA versions. Similar to other internally coded joystick axis support within prior ARMA versions.

Just likely enlightened here, likely why we have no fixes or support for these functions, the lacking of these functions are all related to PC architectures, and not at all Xbox related. Had these functions been Xbox related, they would have been certainly likely fixed by now. I see very few PC users of ARMA Reforger, likely due to these bugs. Thinking, us PC users are being duped!

TrackIR used to work perfectly. It's now unusable.