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Long shadow distance = low gpu utilization in forest area
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Low FPS with low GPU utilization if set shadow distance to high value (500m, 1km, 2km and etc) in heavy forest area even if shadows are disabled.
If set objects quality to the worst preset ("Very Low") it will return your FPS to normal, but no any other preset and/or setting affect this:

  • Maxed out:

  • Minimal (Except Objects quality is Standard)

Looks like CPU-bound somewhere in preparation of objects (that are often found in forests) for render shadow maps.

PC Specs: i7-13700K, RTX 3070, 32GB@6000MHz DDR5, SSDs (game on sata ssd, system on another nvme ssd)
Settings: 1440p (100% sampling), capped 60fps (through nvidia control panel framerate limiter) + G-sync, 3.5km total + objects view distance, everything on "Extreme" preset, except low PiP (200m distance) and disabled SSR on water.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
22H2 (22621.2283)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find heavy forest area (Tested on Livonia and Tanoa)
  2. Set objects quality to Standard or above
  3. Set shadow distance to any large number (500m, 1km or above)

Now GPU utilization is low which results also in very low FPS

Additional Information

Tests on Linovia, everything is high:
3km shadows - low FPS and GPU utilization

1.5km - same FPS as 3km (despite a 50% reduction in range)

500m - still low FPS (better then above, but GPU is underutilized)

5m - normal FPS (also normal GPU utilization with stable 60 fps cap)

Return 3km shadows, but set them to the worst quality - same FPS as on the best quality (despite a huge difference in shadow map resolution and filtering)

Leave shadow distance at 3km, but disable them - low FPS and GPU utilization (while shadows completely removed!)

Set objects quality to the worst quality - normal FPS and GPU utilization (while shadows still 3km!)

Move to big town - instantly x2 FPS

Move to Kavala on Altis (no forest, but still complex scene) - +50% to previos example, or x3 compare to forest on Livonia

Same in any urban area on any other map, also responds much better to changes in shadow quality and any other setting (but still not hight FPS if shadows disabled and shadow distance is high)

Event Timeline

diag_captureFrame results:
on - shadows at extreme preset
off - shadows disabled
*m - shadow distance
other settings: maxed out, 1440p (100%), 3km total + objects view distance

Set shadow distance to any large number (500m, 1km or above)

Shadows were never meant to be set above 200m

vlad333000 added a comment.EditedSep 17 2023, 1:56 PM

Set shadow distance to any large number (500m, 1km or above)

Shadows were never meant to be set above 200m

But we are here - last update allows it without scripting. also, this does not negate the fact that this happens at 200 meters, just further increases intensify it more and this becomes noticeable even on powerful hardware.
it would be great to fix this since the A3 really lacks shadows at long distances

dedmen set Ref Ticket to AIII-56007.Sep 27 2023, 5:44 PM