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receiving mine's explosion feedback after respawn at long range
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A sapper who laid a mine and died not far from it, after respawning when the mine explodes, will receive effects on his screen
check YT video with repro steps
there is no such behavior if the sapper does not die, probably not far from mine


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
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Steps To Reproduce


  1. start repro mission in MP
  2. respawn
  3. use Splendid Camera and teleport player to pink arrow
  4. place mine e.g. "APERS Mine"
  5. make 1-2 step away from mine
  6. press Esc - Respawn
  7. respawn on position
  8. make shure you are far away that explosion's feedback must not got you
  9. exec
{_x setDamage 1} forEach allMines

result>>> feedback on your screen

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TRAGER created this task.Feb 4 2023, 6:02 AM
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And no matter how many player's corpses there are on the map, any explosion near player's corpses will broadcast this effects on the screen current player
It will not necessarily be a mine - any explosion

will be fixed in 2.14

dedmen set Ref Ticket to AIII-55551.Mar 1 2023, 1:45 PM

should be in next dev

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