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Empty vehicles in user defined layers break AI behavior
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AI teams decide on their own to board vehicles when said vehicles are in user defined layers (as opposed to default "Empty" folder).
On game start vehicles will be assigned automatically to the AI team, trying to unassign the vehicles via script will result in the vehicles being re-assigned again automatically a split second later.
If the vehicles are taken out of the user defined layer and moved to root the AI will behave as intended.
If the length of the patrol route is shortened the AI will proceed on foot, however the assigned vehicle remains.
If all the waypoints are removed, the AI wont have vehicles assigned anymore.

Could be reproduced on both diag and normal exe on dev branch, and on normal exe in stable branch.
Confirmed by @Lexx2k as well.

Repro mission:


Operating System
Windows 7
Eden Editor

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I had similar case of this while making CO06 Black Spear for SOGPF. It was really puzzling and hard to debug.

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We pass a context during object creation.
When group is created, we set a group marker in the context.
Then spawn all vehicles/objects and if group marker is set, the newly spawned thing assigns itself to the group.

Well we don't un-set the context after a group is done creating. So when the next layer is entered, its still set.
Didn't expect this one to be so easy

Thank you! This was messing quite a bit with one of the missions I'm working on.

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2.14 or next profiling v13 or 14 or whatever is next

very nice - thank you 👍

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This fix was missed for placing compositions in Zeus. That'll be there with 2.18