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Error in configViewer
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Editing a (working) mission with CSLA DLC on Gabreta map, I can't open the configViewer.

Following errors in rpt file:

13:31:29 Error in expression <r_listMeta = [];
		_lbCursel = 0;
		if (BIS_fnc_configviewer_selected == "" && c>
13:31:29   Error position: <BIS_fnc_configviewer_selected == "" && c>
13:31:29   Error Undefined variable in expression: bis_fnc_configviewer_selected
13:31:29 File /temp/bin/A3/Functions_F/Debug/fn_configviewer.sqf..., line 369
13:31:29 Error in expression <
		_path = _this select 0;
		_n = _this select 1;
		_parents = if (_n == 0) the>
13:31:29   Error position: <select 1;
		_parents = if (_n == 0) the>
13:31:29   Error Zero divisor
13:31:29 File /temp/bin/A3/Functions_F/Debug/fn_configviewer.sqf..., line 398

That doesn't occur anywhere else but I can't find the culprit object/units... issue for this error. I'm using layers (visibility, lock) and dynamic simulation but that doesn't seem to matter.

What I suggest is to consolidate these lines in order to avoid zero divisor.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Unknown, but CSLA heavy mission + layers on Grabeta probably reach a limit of something....

Additional Information

What I suggest is to consolidate this part of code in order to avoid zero divisor.

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I think this issue is due to lag in 3den due to too many running scripts. So the config viewer can't open and a zero divisor occurs by some lost variables.

There is a simple test: run in console a simple code like aa = random 360 , then watch aa in console line(s). Sometimes a result in not shown and this simple debug script is added to the other ones.
You can run also diag_activeScripts as counter for active scripts.

IMPORTANT: I remarked, each time you add a unit (then several in a crew), you get a running script, returned by diag_activeSQFScripts (so shortened): ["CSLA_fnc_telumOccultare","CSLA_cfg\scripts\milites\CSLA_telumOccultare.sqf",true,18]

For CSLA devs: is it possible to skip all these scripts? What are they for? They load the bark at a point they contribute to freeze debug console. Is this parameterable somewhere?

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