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addToRemainsCollector and removeFromRemainsCollector do not work on corpses
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As the title says: addToRemainsCollector and removeFromRemainsCollector do not work on corpses in MP.

If you remove the unit before he dies, the corpse won't disappear. But using addToRemainsCollector on said corpse will not do anything: It will stay there for an unknown amount of time (I stopped after 15 minutes, corpse was still there).
isInRemainsCollector cursorObject when looking at the corpse will return true, if you had executed addToRemainsCollector on the corpse.

If you add the unit after he dies, the corpse will disappear.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 11, 21H2, 22000.1042
Steps To Reproduce
  • Make and get into a basic MP mission.
  • Set values like these to see it quicker
// Garbage collector settings
corpseManagerMode = 1;
corpseLimit = 30;
corpseRemovalMinTime = 0;
corpseRemovalMaxTime = 10;

wreckManagerMode = 1;
wreckLimit = 15;
wreckRemovalMinTime = 0;
wreckRemovalMaxTime = 10;
  • Recreate scenarios described in description.
Additional Information

No mods were loaded for the test. I tried this in self-hosted MP.

19:33:04 Ref to nonnetwork object 5b5dd7fa000# 318: b_soldier_01.p3d and similar messages were put in the RPT when I put down units in the Zeus interface. Unsure if related.

I'm trying to make module that prevents objects from being cleaned up by the garbage collector.
Both commands not working on corpses makes these commands useless in my case and unless this is fixed, I guess I will have to just implement my garbage collection system.

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