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inside configured radius the tail sound on SPG-9 shot will 2D for all players
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Check out my youtube video -, you can hear the 2d sound effect of the tail at medium and maximum distance
This 2d sounds will be heard by all players within a 2.5 km radius of the shot

I'm not sure if it's problem with Tail sound or 2D effect, I just don't know how else to describe the problem
however, I noticed similarities, for example - radius and similar sounds
Although the MRAWS launcher uses the same sounds sets and I did not notice that problems with these


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
win11 21H2
Steps To Reproduce
  1. spawn Offroad (AT)
  2. set enemy around offroad
  3. place player from e.g. 1km from offroad, watch the SPG-9 shots, the sound of the tail will reach you instantly

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TRAGER created this task.Aug 12 2022, 12:48 PM

Previous report of the same issue: T139070

This makes it very hard to locate an SPG technical, since it has a low visual firing signature and it always sounds like it's right next to you regardless of where it actually is.

honger added a subscriber: honger.Jan 8 2023, 11:43 PM

Although the MRAWS launcher uses the same sounds sets

they don't

The spatial param is false for some reason for SPG9

fixed in next dev probably

Confirm 2D sound is fixed! BUT↓↓↓

It seems that there is no distance SPG9 shot sounds
See YT video ← the first shot is heard well the camera is close to SPG9. The second shot is no longer heard when the camera moves from SPG9 away by about 30 meters

It feels like sounds in: Launcher_SPG9_distShot_SoundShader do not work at all, don't exist, only tail sounds

I can only hear this close shots:

there is no sound file AFAIR I tried to play it and no sound came out, thanks for confirming, will look into it

no distance Launcher_MRAWS_distShot_SoundShader sounds for MRAWS too - YT video

They are the same sound files, should be fixed in the dev after next

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RC 2.12.150301 confirm all fixed
Can be closed, thanks!

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