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[Request] snowflake texture for use with rainParams
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The new rainParams scripting stuff allows us to easily make rain particles that behave like snow. This is great. However, if we want them to look like snow, we have to use a custom texture or find a texture that "almost" looks like snow in the game files. Option 1 only works if we're making a mod or have access to modify the mission files, and it means many creators repeating the work of making a snowflake texture. Option 2 is...well, there aren't any perfect textures to find.

Solution: add a snowflake.paa somewhere in the game files, with the channels set up appropriately for the weird way rainParams interprets RGBA. You've already said you're not adding a full snow weather option to the base game, and I'm not asking for that. Simple asset, very low file size, doesn't need to be hooked up to anything - just needs to exist so creators can reference it. Including a snowflake texture would be a tiny amount of work for BI, but would save everyone else a little annoyance in the long run. Maybe you can ask the GM guys if you can use their Winter Wef snowflake texture, then you don't even have to make the texture yourselves.


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NikkoJT created this task.Mar 17 2022, 12:09 AM
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