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[Enhancement Request] Allow a procedural texture with text
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Description lists a couple of procedural textures that can be used to generate images on the fly. One thing that IMO is missing is a procedural texture to generate actual text.

For example, the following syntax could be used:

#(text, width, height, valign, halign, fntSize, "String", "FontName")

with the following meanings:
`width and height are the size of the resulting image. valign specifies the vertical alignment on the output image, and can be either -1 (top), 0 (center) or 1 (bottom). halign` specifies the same for horizontal alignment (-1 left, 0 center, 1 right).
`fntSize` is the size of the font, in pixels
`String` is the string to generate
`FontName` is the name of a font from CfgFontFamilies


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

There are a number of useful possible applications for this. One is obviously identification numbers or strings on Vehicles (for example, the letters/digits on the side of an average plane), or name tags on a plate carrier (like Kerry's plate carrier has the name "KERRY" on it).

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Thank you for requesting the feature.
Due to the current phase of Live Ops development in Arma 3, we cannot commit to any new features, though we will try to consider them.

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