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Altered TrackIR behaviour since 2.06 update.
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Myself, members of my community and a couple of people on the BI forums have noticed a sudden shift in the way TrackIR behaves in game since the 2.06 update. The profiles that we have been using for years in some case behave completely fine in the TrackIR software but have odd results in game.

We've noticed that head movements are a little more sensetive when in vehicles but when dismounting to use it as infantry that even tiny movements cause the characters head to spin more than 360 degrees in some cases, but turning down sensetivity causes the view to become heavy and sluggish in vehicles again.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Enable TrackIR.
Try looking around inside a helicppter.
Dismount and look around whilst on foot.

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Tested on Profiling Branch. The issues with the tracking speed in game have been fixed but I'm now having another issue where I cannot use freelook with my head tracking when I have a bipod deployed. Rather than rotate the head to look around, if shifts it side to side, up and down, back and forth instead.

fixed in v2

Found another problem: I have the "look left/right/up/down" button on the helm, as well as these keys are duplicated on the Num keys for convenience and quick inspection. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, these keys start to work in slow-motion mode (as if they take over the function of slow-motion camera transfer), although I have them removed at all.
I don't have more information at this point and how to cause this bug, but it has happened to me twice.

My complaint thread has been deleted, so I'll add it here:
Camera control often fails from a third person at large roll/attack angles, to avoid this, players have to switch to a first-person view.
Perhaps there is a way to add to the settings the option to enable camera snapping not to the horizon (as in the third-person view), but to the position of the character (as in the first-person view) - this would make life much easier in aerial battles.

I'm sorry, I'm not good at navigating this forum, so I'm expressing what I've accumulated.
Please fix the damage on the technique and its display.
Now all the time I fired at me from the Linx and the damage is not displayed, the helicopter is intact on the indicators, but we fall, because the engine is disabled (on the indicators again, nothing).
Other parts are also out of order, but are not shown on the indicators.
According to my observations (maybe I got sick of it at the time) this started happening with version 1.92.
Also like the armor Quilin- the roof frame construction is not bad tanking sometimes under 2000 rounds.

I'm afraid to report that todays hotfix/update has made the issue worse. It seems to be even more sensitive than before. I've yet to try on profiling branch though, that is my next test. However on main branch it is more sensitive this evening than it was yesterday.

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@VWWrath Thank you for reporting the issue, but it is unclear to me what version you were playing. Could you provide us with a version number (2.06.148XXX)?
Also please let us know if profiling worked any better for you.

Hi there, sorry for the delayed reply, haven't had time to sit down and do some proper testing over the last few days.

My base ArmA is on version 2.06.148373 (which I believe is the most recent version) and both myself and members of my community have noticed that head tracking has become even more sensitive during infantry gameplay, so much so that we've all had to majorly turn down our TrackIR sensitivity just to make use of it. This is problematic as when in a vehicle or when deploying a weapon on it's bipod, the head tracking reverts to being less sensitive (though still more sensitive than it was before the 2.06 update) meaning that when using TrackIR at say 0.3 speed, head turning becomes heavy and unresponsive in vehicles or when manning a machinegun.

Things on profiling branch seem to be much better, though there is a little more sensitivity than before the 2.06 update, it is very much manageable with only slight adjustments to the TrackIR settings and the settings are the same across infantry, vehicle and deployed weapon gameplay, which is nice. The issue with the camera panning and not turning when bipods are deployed is also fixed on both branches. Overall, profiling seems to be working fine but the main branch requires some work.

Thanks for checking, Profiling branch has some updates that we are still testing before updating stable.
Good to hear that the issue seems to be fixed on profiling, if all goes well the fix will be added to Stable in a future update.

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