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Head tracking view limit bug 2.06 update
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When I use trackIR in arma 3 my profile that I had set up works perfectly up until recently. Now its extremely sensitive and I can literally spin my head all the way 360 degrees. This only seems to fix itself when I am in vehicles or when I rest my weapon/set my bipod or when I am in a vehicle

In the video you can see me look over my shoulder and when I rest my weapon/take it off you can see the view change when I press C

And in this one you can see that I can spin my head 360 degrees, and also the view limits when I rest my weapon


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Pick any head tracker of choice
  1. Be infantry with weapon not rested on anything
  1. Move head around like you normally would using a head tracker and watch as your head spins around like an owl
  1. Rest weapon by pressing C, and see that the view sensitivity is reduce significantly and now there's view limits on how far you can move your head

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