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RCon default port issue
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With DayZ 1.13.* BattlEye RCon now properly accepts the RConPort parameter. However, if omitted a random port is chosen, which will cause a lot of confusion and break a lot of current server setups.

Additionally, you can no longer define the game port or BattlEye port (game port + 2) as RCon port, which will cause even more confusion and require manual intervention on all servers currently using any RCon tools.


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Windows 10
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Hello philippjoos.
As a community admin, you need to set up RconPort in the BEconfig. Unless the RConPort is set you will not be able to connect with the Rcon to a server.


Hello Geez,

I am aware of that. However, prior to 1.13.* this was not needed as BE-RCon was listening on the configured game port and game port + 2 by default.

This ticket is to address this change in the default behavior. When not setting RConPort as of 1.13.*, the RCon interface is started on a random port. Furthermore, you can no longer configure it to listen on the game port or game port + 2. This is a breaking change for virtually all RCon setups.

A couple configurations to illustrate:


RConPassword test
RestrictRCon 0

DayZ 1.13.* behavior: Interface running, but random port

DayZ 1.13.* BROKEN (Server port is 2302):

RConPort 2302
RConPassword test
RestrictRCon 0

Behavior: Interface NOT running

DayZ 1.13.* BROKEN (Server port is 2302):

RConPort 2304
RConPassword test
RestrictRCon 0

Behavior: Interface NOT running

DayZ 1.13.* FUNCTIONAL (Server port is 2302):

RConPort 2305
RConPassword test
RestrictRCon 0

Behavior: Interface running

I want to suggest that the functionality of the RCon interface listening on the game port is brought back and enabled by default unless RConPort has been explicitly configured. Also, when this is not being addressed, this needs to be clearly communicated.

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Hello phillipjoos.
We do not plan going back to the previous system due to the recent changes that prevent us from doing so. This will be communicated further in the near future (currently I cannot provide any more info as to why this change took place).

sileed added a subscriber: sileed.EditedJul 10 2021, 10:55 PM

BEC (BattleEye Extended Controls) doesn't seem to work properly after this change.
Normally I start BEC, then DayZServer
Now if I start BEC (with new port), then DayZServer BEC will not connect and Dart (client side) - won't connect
However - if I start DayZServer, wait, then start BEC, both bec and Dart will connect on the port specified
BRS (Dart Ban Relay Server) no longer functions (if you have more than 3K bans you need BRS)
Edit: so I worked around this by starting BEC 90 seconds after the server starts (other wise it fails)
I'm a little perplexed why the server starts in a locked state for 2+ mins after it says it is ready for players in the logs...

I'm trying several ports, setting in the beserver.cfg file and in the BEC configuration, and none of them work. Darth and BEC unable to connect.

F4B14N0 added a comment.EditedJul 15 2021, 12:49 AM

Solved... RconPort is diferent of RConPort... =P

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