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!!! [CE] :: Unknown category: 'vehicleparts'.
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Server RPT has been showing this error for many months, finally decided to investigate

cfglimitdefinition.xml shows <category name="vehiclesparts"/>
types.xml shows <category name="vehiclesparts"/>
mapgrouppoto.xml shows <category name="vehicleparts" /> <- note the missing 's' :)


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

load default server files
start server
check .rpt file

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sileed created this task.May 7 2021, 2:35 PM
NATION added a subscriber: NATION.May 25 2021, 12:58 PM

This is still not fixed, at least in stable.
I manually fixed it. Thank you OP for the fix.

This is still not fixed, at least in stable.
I manually fixed it. Thank you OP for the fix.

What was/is the fix, please?

What I did:
I changed all <vehiclesparts> in to <tools> in types.xml, and
deleted all lines contraining <vehiclesparts> from mapgroupproto.xml.

That removed the !! messages from the log file. Server is running as allways.

rory added a subscriber: rory.Dec 11 2021, 1:41 AM

A better fix is to replace all instances of vehicleparts to vehiclesparts in mapgroupproto.xml.

The fact that this fix is trivial makes me wonder why it still exists? Are bug reports in this bug tracker read and prioritized?

Unless something has recently changed, correcting the spelling issue in mapgroupproto.xml actually messes up spawning parts like doors and wheels since they will spawn inside cars like any other loot item. With an invalid category ("vehicleparts" without the extra 's') specified, the configured proxies take over and those parts spawn properly aligned with the body of the car.

sileed removed a subscriber: sileed.Oct 12 2023, 8:23 PM
Klaas added a subscriber: Klaas.Oct 28 2023, 10:48 PM

After fooling around trying to get rid of overhead in server logs I think sanguine00 is right. 'vehicleparts' is used as some kind of trigger for the associated proxies. If there was a simple workaround, like commenting out lines, I'm pretty confident the devs would've implemented it already.

I think this issue resides in the bottom category of the priority list since it's not breaking any functions, Maybe this will be fixed in a next big revision of categories. I can imagine if DayZ keeps growing like this the CE has to be overhauled at some point, which provides a perfect opportunity to tackle small issues like this.

@Klaas They actually fixed this in 1.23. They removed "vehiclesparts" from cfglimitsdefinitions and replaced it with "lootdispatch", which gets assigned directly to car parts in the types file. They removed "vehicleparts" from mapgroupproto.

Klaas added a comment.Nov 1 2023, 12:02 AM

@sanguine00 Thanks for the heads up. I missed that in the changelog. It does say "Fixed a typo related to vehicleparts resulting in CE errors" there.

Anyway, glad it's fixed.