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1.12 changes to gunshot audio
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Just wanted to talk about the changes to gunshot audio with 1.12, these changes are really realllllyyyy bad. The sound system was in such a good place, making every shot a threat, ringing our for miles, now most of the audios have been drastically reduces, and pistols cant even be heard past 250m to help "balancing"? This is such a bad move guys, people are really not happy with this, not only is it unrealistic, its unbalanced and just doesn't make sense at all, like why were these values changed? the old system was sooooooooo so good, the sound effects were great, and their distances were realistic, nobody ever suggested that it should be changed. Please please please revert these changes back to how they were before. Such a needless downgrade from 1.11 with no benefits to gameplay at all. This isn't me bashing the game , I love it so much and I love the dev team, all we want is for thr game to be as great as it cant be, and stuff like this happening for no reason is really preventing it <3


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JerryK added a subscriber: JerryK.Apr 26 2021, 10:53 PM

Kambiwobo is longer than 250 meters. So you could literally spawn near Kambi and not hear somebody get killed.
I just hope that this is an early placeholder (why even decide on such a low value), and it will get changed very very soon.

Sure, it might just be a placeholder, but why are we even dealing with this being a placeholder rn? we had such a perfect system in place already and its just been totally ruined for no reason. This is what upsets me the most

Agreed. They said: "something something something stealth".
If you want stealth, then just don't shoot lol.
Don't make up such fantasy values when the old system did what it was supposed to.

Exactly man, like what game are we playing here? You cant pull out something so unrealistic and dumb for the sake of "stealth" if you want to be stealthy, find or craft a suppressor, that's what they're there for. So daft

JackM added a subscriber: JackM.EditedApr 26 2021, 11:22 PM

Firearm shot audibility has been adjusted for pistols at 250 meters, SMGs and shotguns up to 800 meters, ARs up to 2000 meters, and big caliber rifles up to 3500 meters.

I'm sorry devs, but you are walking on thin ice. You started changing to what everybody got used. Nobody complained about it. Nobody asked for it. 3400m for most of guns was more than enough as well as 300m for supressed.
Now we have to expect changes every patch and players will be confused by next changes.

Literally you broke what worked excellent, sounds in this game are something hard to explain, lot's of effort put into it and now you broke what, again, really worked well. The whole cherno now is very quiet place on full server

Okay, if you don't want to revert everything back, change values close to original like IRL: Pistols-SMG 2.500m, Rifles 3000m, Shotguns: 3000m Snipers is fine.

Speaking of suppressors, those changes makes it so OP, even old values were on the edge but like SVD and ASVAL now could be heard from 110 meters is pretty ridiculous, it should be increased up too 350-400 meters for all suppressors.

Couldn't agree more mate, the devs need to revert this asap

" nobody ever suggested that it should be changed" +1