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Reduce weight of Handheld Radio and Field Transceiver
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The handheld weighs 2-3kg which is unrealistic. A similar model in RL weighs about 800g

Same goes for the field transceiver which should top out at around 4-5kg as it also needs a car battery, which is incredible heavy as well.

Players using them instead of 3rd party VoIP should not be punished by such a ridiculous amount of weight.


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The personal radio actually weighs 750 grams in-game, but that is still too much - the real world model it is based on (IC-M7) weighs 310 grams with the depicted battery pack. So it still needs to be updated.

I believe the weight of the field radio (14,5 kgs!) is based on its WWII grandfather, I was not able to identify the exact type in-game but the kind we used when I did my service weighed around 5-6 kgs with battery pack attached, can't see why this one would be any heavier - plus the added weight of the car battery is bad enough on its own. There's a reason nobody ever uses those...

@Geez Tickets T157081, T141216, T140028 and T159322 are either duplicates of this or no longer relevant.

Edit: Water absorption of the radio also seems off, it is 50% right now which doesn't matter as long as absorbed water doesn't add weight, but if that is brought back it will be a problem for the radio. Most hand held radios of this type are weather protected so it doesn't really need any absorption at all.

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Hello everyone.
I will forward this to the devs to go over and consult if this should be correct.

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Hello everyone.
The devs have gone over this and there have been some weight adjustments to both radios. These changes will appear in one of the future updates.

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