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Tooltips for IMG briefing tag.
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Would be nice to have something like title="" parameter for img tag in briefing.
We have script which generate diary page with player's items. They are small and sometimes it is hard to recognize what is shown in the picture.
So, if there would be tooltips, I will be able to modify script and add items names into tag during page generation.
Maybe community will find other useful cases as well


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Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Create diary entry with image.
Hover mouse over image.
No tooltip.

Additional Information

Something like this

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could you please post example createDiaryRecord line?

player createDiaryRecord ["diary", [format ["My Squad (%1)", groupID group player], "<img image='\A3\weapons_f\data\ui\m_30stanag_caseless_CA.paa' height=24/>x6</br>"]];
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Unfortunatelly there is no provision for tooltip in structured text at all, which would require completely new implementation. Not feasible at this time

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Well, happens there is a less painful way

'title' attribute for <img> and <a> tags should be added in 149379

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