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Old Man - problem with randomly broken quests (parent task)
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It looks like a number of quests are randomly impossible to complete and my guess is they all share the same root cause.

My guess of the root cause are the FSM scripts used to control the flow of tasks between quests. If you don't complete some tasks in a specific order as expected by the FSM scripts then you will make some tasks uncompletable.

What made me think about this is a problem I encountered with the bomb car quest:

  • the quest was given by Samjo after I unloaded a second truck of ammunition in a stash
  • hopefully I saved the game just before I was about to unload the second truck at the stash
  • the first time I attempted to get the bomb car it worked
  • after that I had to reload the game save just before unloading the truck, and this second time it didn't work
    • but this time I also did things differently than the first time (like sleeping 10 minutes at a safe house, discovering a cache, getting out of a car too close to the bomb car, etc, before going to get the bomb car)
  • so I reloaded multiple times the game save just before unloading the second truck at the stash
    • after many failed attempts (the bomb car specialist would not react and unlock the bomb car for me) I had the idea to go straight to the bomb car just after Samjo's call without doing anything else, and it worked

So the idea for this task I created is for BIS devs and players to investigate what sequence of actions makes some quests become impossible to complete and what sequence of actions allows quest to be completed.
After reading through all the reported issues these are the quests that seem to be impacted by this problem:

Other info that can help with investigation is for players to report the order in which they completed all the quests or other actions from the start of the campaign. This is what I tried to do here

Or a better alternative is for BIS to create a temporary debug solution which will dump a chronologically ordered list of completed quests in the RPT file. This way, when a player gets stuck with completing a quest it is easier get the info for attempting to reproduce the issue.


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Windows 10 x64

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Good news
I was lucky to find an old game save (just before I started dealing with the Harcourt and rescue captive quests) and I was able to complete the following quest tasks with the following method: as soon as Keystone gives you a mission go straight there, do nothing else

  • rescue the captive (this one worked before as well)
  • give wallet to garagist (this one was blocked before, nothing happened after executing 'give item' action)
  • steal top secret files from Harcourt (this one worked before as well)
  • give top secret files to Keystone (this one worked before as well)
  • get rebreather from Losi gendarme base (this was blocked before when I bought the rebreather from the black market)
  • dive down and gather the Intel (this time it worked perfectly when executing action)

So this means that there might be a way to finish campaign just follow the quests that are given.

And also means that Old Man isn't a real player freedom campaign since when you don't stick with the quests in a specific order it generates errors or makes quests uncompletable.