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gameplay experience and suggestions


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Windows 10 x64
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Miller, Arthur, Drabek quests

  • hide the camera in the trash bin in Oumere
  • meet Arthur, drive to Luganville, get the explosives, go back home
  • sleep until morning next day
  • talk with Drabek who knocks on the door
  • drive to plantation in Oumere, wait call from Samjo
  • first attempt to steal explosives from Red Mine
  • meet Miller in the jungle, get the cache detector app

Assault on the police station in Vagalala

  • look for explosives in Red Mine site
  • things get out of control, steal a service van, run over two gendarmes, pick up weapons, get away with service van
  • kill 2 CSAT incoming squads, capture an Ifrit MG (shoot tires so crew disembarks), do the same with incoming Marid
  • attack Vagalala with Marid, wipe out gendarmes and CSAT infantry
  • take down chopper with RPG (2 rockets needed to get the damn thing down)
  • blow up the house
  • pick up all the gear from dead infantry and make a big stash on the ground south of Vagalala
  • TIP: gear dropped by player on ground stays there forever, while gear left on dead bodies disappears with the body once player leaves the area (500m or more)
  • park the captured vehicles close (Marid, 2x Qilin, Ifrit, 2x service vehicles), they never disappear

Samjo, Miller, Drabek quests

  • deliver antimalarian pills to Drabek
    • starting from this moment on I pick up all the antimalarian pills I can get my hands on (they are scattered all over the island, checkpoints, bases, etc)
  • deliver night vision goggles to stash for Samjo
  • inspect abandoned base in Oumere
  • deliver transport truck to Drabek
  • rush back to the recently built small vehicle/ammo depot south of Vagalala, choose gear from the stash, get in the Marid and rush all the way south to Oumere
  • avoid Harcourt checkpoint by sailing with Marid under the bridge
  • sail from La Foa to Savaka with Marid, watch out for speedboats and planes (got hit by plane missile but Marid kept going)

Assault on the big island South of Yanuka bay

  • leave Marid in Cerebu, get in the boat, move to attack fuel depot
  • when all squad members are dead pick up their explosives and blow the shit out of the fuel depot, return to Cerebu
  • use Marid to support attack on gendarmerie base south of Katkoula
  • assault Katkoula and Savaka
  • wipe out the harbour and police station, spend all night filling trucks with all gear taken from all dead bodies and ammo crates
  • after second truck run Samjo tells you to get a bomb car to blow up the police station in Katkoula
  • BUG: the explosive specialist near the bomb car would not react when getting close to him
    • after reloading a previous saved game I managed to make him react by changing some things I did before (I don't remember well but I think I went sleeping at the rest house and located cache nearby the rest house before trying again to get the bomb car)
  • when morning comes in Katkoula, multiple trucks filled at max with weapons were delivered to L'Ensemble which are now level 2
  • parked the Marid and a few trucks filled with ammo on the beach near Katkoula (a small base like the one south of Vagalala)

Harcourt, Drabek's pills

  • sail with motorboat to the small island west of La Foa
  • from there shoot down the crew of a speedboat and took control of the speedboat
    • I thought I could fill the speedboat with ammo like I did with the trucks but unfortunately the speedboat has very limited capacity
  • with the speedboat investigate the small islands north of La Foa, finish the 'Mysterious Body' quest, find 3 caches nearby in the area
  • leave the speedboat in Yani islets, go to Harcourt to gather intel (steal top secret file)
    • meanwhile the speedboat disappears
  • give top secret file to Keystone
  • give 22 boxes of pills to doctor
  • save Samjo's captive
  • wipe out enemies in checkpoint east of Tanouka, investigate Tanoa Sugar Company (nothing interesting found there)
  • happily fast travel south to Regina to prepare for the diving operation
  • BUG: recover photos from the plane at the bottom of the sea (action has no effect and error is displayed)
  • sail to the island North of Yanuka bay to make CSAT pay for frustration with failed quest to recover photos

Assault on the big island North of Yanuka bay

  • headshoot all infantry that get close to the checkpoint with the Type-115 rifle (use DMS optics), shoot down 2 Ifrits with the MAAWS from the nearby cache
    • BUG: all without triggering the alarm at all
  • assault gendarmerie base in Rautake with the help of Insurgent team requested from Samjo
  • sneak in the CSAT base in Balavu
    • shoot the officer, steal his ID card and intel without triggering the alarm
    • shoot the ammo truck guard and run away with it (alarm does trigger when I run away, then it quickly goes off)
  • sneak in as diver west of Laikoro CSAT base, stealthly shoot down most of the guards, gather intel, shoot down incoming gendarms, alarm triggers, run away with the AT Qilin
  • take back the ammo truck parked not far, drive to Tavu
  • sneak inside the town (with the ammo truck), take down a guard, destroy the Marid parked on the harbor with RPG launcher (no alarm triggered, weird)
  • gendarmes pop in, alarm triggers, shoot them all down with the high caliber ammo from the type 115 rifle, go to the officer's tent
  • steal intel, laptop and ID card from officer
  • fast travel from safe house in Tavu to safe house south of Vagalala

Keystone, Drabek, the garagist

  • BUG: give wallet to garagist (action has no effect)
  • give network plans to Miller (triggers new task to destroy radars near the volcano)
  • give extra pills to Drabek (another 20+ boxes of pills)

Stopped playing campaign

  • after encountering two bugged quests and issues about not being able to finish the campaign read in the Feedback Tracker I decided to stop here to avoid myself further frustration


  • recheck task completion condition when player switches between 'assigned' and 'unassigned'
    • can be used to finish tasks that were blocked before a fix is released so player doesn't need to restart campaign
  • to slow down the pace of the campaign, introduce sleep fatigue to force player character sleep for a few hours (4 or 6)
    • if player doesn't go to rest house or use sleeping bag, incapacitate him (eg blurry screen, slow movement like when carrying heavy load)
  • allow player to make a small base or use insurgent controlled locations
    • abandoned vehicles and weapons dropped on the ground by player should disappear when player leaves the area
    • allow player to deposit weapons in 'stash' locations in addition to selling them to L'Ensemble
    • allow vehicles parked in insurgent controlled locations to not disappear
  • allow insurgents to completely destroy checkpoints and bases by blowing up the buildings
    • this way gendarmes, CSAT don't come back and insurgents gain territory
  • maybe it is a bug, but after wiping out gendarme base and Katkoula there are no gendarmes or CSAT soldiers coming back
    • when L'Ensemble reaches level 2 allow them to take control of the captured bases and areas (maybe randomly)
    • make gendarmes and CSAT attack the newly insurgent controlled areas

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