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Old Man Scenario is filled with bugs
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I've been trying to make youtube video guides on Arma 3 Old Man scenario (Not the steam workshop, but the actuall scenario that just got released. I never had the workshop files installed). But everytime I play through it from the beginning (My forth attempt this time), I always end up getting the same results. Here are my issues:

  1. When you take over the CSAT camp in Harcourt harbour, you can find a "Top Secret Files" file. When you pick it up, Keystone will tell you to deliver it to him. I go to him immediatley, he stands up and says "Ah, still alive i see.", and that's the end of that. To scene does not continue, he just stand there. I tried dropping the files, i tried putting it in his backpack on the ground, everything. No progress.
  1. (Basically the same as above) You can find a document called "Network Structure Plans" in a tent in the CSAT sawmill camp at grid 118069. I pick it up and proceeded doing the same as above, same results all 4 times.
  1. When I go to Cerebu (grid 021046) to support L'Ensemble in their NVG attack towards the CSAT: Base (Fuel Depot) (Grid 022063), the mission itself is very easy as your team-mates do most of the work. But as soon as the mission is over and CSAT has calmed down, you will get a message to go support them for a next mission. This is where the problem starts. 50% of the time, even if I get there 15-20 minutes ahead of the time we are supposed to meet, the mission dissapears from my available tasks as soon as Samjo calls me to let me know they will start the attack in 5 minutes. A few minutes pass and then he calls me about having to support the team somewhere else. Then this process repeats indeffinately. Sometimes the next area to support is so far away that I can't even reach it in the time given (Even if i fast travel/drive manually). If I ignore the support mission completely and move on to do other things, the map itself just breaks. Every single square inch of forrest and plains gets covered in dense minefields and makes the area unreasonably hard to manouver, and wherever you go there are CSAT and Syndicat fighting and jets all over the place.

For me personally, this repetition of bugs every singel time i replay the mission from the beginning, this bug has destroyed my motivation to keep playing. 4 times and countless hours of trial and error, I have given up on trying to play and make videos about this mission. If video proof is needed for the bug to get fixed, I will gladly post it. But not unless you acutally need it as I will have to do a quick edit as the clips are hours long.

Hope to get some feedback soon.
-Sgt. Ruggedballs


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
10.0.18363 Build 18363
Steps To Reproduce

Just playing through the game and following the tasks that are given to me.

Additional Information

The only thing worth mentioning is that I use the fast forward function a lot, but only when driving between areas, not during action/missions.

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Eagle21 added a subscriber: Eagle21.EditedApr 29 2020, 5:39 PM

i havent used any of that fast forwarding etc.. i grabbed the files gathered the intel from the laptop and keystone told me to come to hime, so i did. however im having the same issue as number 1 on your list.

i know more who have this so its probably a bug/glitch in my opinion

Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.Apr 30 2020, 10:59 AM


Thank you for the report. We will have a look at it. Also please do not group multiple issues into one report and create separate reports for each issue, as they might get overlooked.

Thank you.

Any update on this yet?