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Suppressors compatibility issues since 2.00
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Since release of 2.00 many of 6.5mm and 7.62mm suppressors no longer work with weapons they used to work before the update. Plus, there are some discrepancies that need to be fixed.

Here is compatibility table for said suppressors and all weapons of same caliber, for productVersion of ["Arma 3","Arma3",200,146773,"Stable",false,"Windows","x64"]: (Screenshoted as single picture:

List of found issues:

  1. muzzle_snds_H_SW is no longer compatible with MX SW, only Mk200.
  2. MX SW and Mk200 don't accept colored muzzle_snds_H_MG suppressors muzzle_snds_H_MG_blk_F and muzzle_snds_H_MG_khk_F
  3. Katiba doesn't accept colored muzzle_snds_h suppressors muzzle_snds_h_khk_F and muzzle_snds_h_snd_F
  4. Promet and all MX variants accept muzzle_snds_H_SW but not muzzle_snds_H_MG and its colored variants to go along with weapon camos.
  5. Mk-I, Mk14, Mk18 ABR accept base muzzle_snds_B suppressor but not colored variants to go along with weapon camos.
  6. SPAR-17 accepts only some of colored suppressors but not muzzle_snds_B_arid_F and muzzle_snds_B_lush_F


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

These are most noticeable issues, but I can also build similar table for other calibers, if there will be a config guy willing to sort all this mess out.

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SaMatra created this task.Nov 1 2020, 2:18 PM
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Can confirm.

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Vidik added a comment.Mar 14 2021, 6:23 PM

Apparently is was silently fixed in 2.02 or the hotfix because all suppressor variants are working again

reyhard closed this task as Resolved.Mar 14 2021, 6:25 PM

"Tweaked: Changed slots configuration on all weapons from the array-based old method to the class-based one (this should also fix any issues with muzzle accessories)" ;)