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assignedTarget only updates when the unit has attacked the target
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Please note this is only an issue when an AI group/squad leader/effectiveCommander is assigning the target, if done by scripting it works as intended.
This is a regression that happened around the oldman update (v1.98) and was previously working as intended, similarly the new getAttackTarget command only updates when the unit/gunner is able to fire.

When an AI leader assigns the target to a subordinate, the subordinate engages as desired but assignedTarget will remain <NULL-OBJECT> until the subordinate has fired at it.
getAttackTarget does the same, even if a subordinate is engaging at their own will the script command will ONLY update when they fire at them.

AssignedTarget should update when the commander assigns a target, this is how it worked at least in V1.96 and prior to it.
getAttackTarget should update when the subordinate selects a target to engage at their own will.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

  1. Launch reproduction mission - You are inside the tank group as driver so you can hear the commander order the gunner to target the enemy tank
  2. use the reveal addaction to make your tank aware of the enemy tank
  3. Watch in third person as:
    • The tank commander tells the gunner to engage the enemy tank, note the hint will remain null-object for both commands
    • Note the turret is turning to the target, it is still null-object
    • Sometimes the AI will open up with the MG, getAttackTarget will now return the correct object, but assignedTarget is still null
    • When the cannon is fired, assignedTarget will update
Additional Information

Additionally I have a old video from v1.96 where I was testing a script using assignedTarget, while it doesn't have any debug information the script was monitoring assignedTarget and it's the reason the gun is turned around by the AI to engage the tank cresting the hill:
I have tested the exact same script and mission in v1.98 and V2.00 and it's completely non-functional

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