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[Feature Request] New event handler: "bulletClose"
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Having an event handler that fires when a bullet hits close to a unit (or near-misses the unit) could be very useful when one wants to create custom suppression effects.

something like:

unit addEventHandler ["bulletClose", {
 params ["_unit", "_instigator", "_projectile", "_position"];


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Feature Request

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Thank you Leopard for voicing some of us content creator's needs and requests here and on the Discord Channel. If this gets implemented the new features/gameplay improvements we could bring to Arma 3 are indeed many! And while there are a number of scripted solutions for this, none is both precise and/or performance friendly enough for large scale multiplayer.
+1 for this and +1 for Leopard.

This is present in the latest RC as "Suppressed" entity Event Handler.

It just needs a wiki entry.

Thank you KK and devs!

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