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[Feature Request] New scripting command: unassignVehicle and unassignVehicles
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With one can make vehicles available for AI groups to use, as well as to mark them, even empty, as threat to the enemy.
With one can unassign vehicles again - but also makes the units disembark.

For full control and more flexibility, it would be useful to be able to unassign a specific vehicle or all vehicles (without impacting the AI units in the vehicle).

unassignVehicles group

vehicle unassignVehicles group
[vehicleOne, vehicleTwo] unassignVehicles group


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Windows 7
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one removes all assigned vehicles

no it doesn't

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Yeah that doesnt make sense.

Rewrote to:

With one can unassign vehicles again - but also makes the units disembark.

I cannot see explicit order to disembark anywhere so it is probably the result of the effect of removing vehicle from the group use

Also the disembark happens not straight away. Command unassigns the crew from their vehicle positions then after a bit they disembark. IMO looks like intended

@BIS_fnc_KK what does do differently?

In other words the suggested command would do "the same" as - just on the group level instead of on the specific unit.
Or put differently could the forced eject not be made optional? (if under player command - with AI GL, he likely would them order to eject. would need to be tested if other commands could still force the crew to remain inside)

atm its bit hard to tell with the missing scripting commands for the getters - once these are available, it will make it easier to debug and test the current behavior

Look, unassignVehicle unassigns unit role and unit diembarks
leavevehicle unassigns vehicle from every member of the group and units disembark, aditionally leavevehicle un-addVehicle from the group

Not changing that not adding other commands unless there is a bug

kju-PvPscene added a comment.EditedAug 31 2022, 11:56 AM

alright. so this request can be closed as obsolete with assignedVehicles becoming available

unless there is a bug so i will set it to feedback

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