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Custom Slot Icons
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custom UI slot icons are currently not really moddable, as all of the code is setup to only go to the imageset for dayz inventory.
I have found a way around this and provided the information to Sumrak, who asked me to post this here too.


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Windows 7
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Currently the image widgets are initialized using a string from config.cpp "ghostIcon", but all of the references in code, require the specified icon to be within the dayz_inventory imageset.

Additional Information
  P:\scripts\5_mission\gui\inventorynew\attachments.c (1 hit)
Line 578: 	icon2.GetGhostSlot().LoadImageFile( 0, "set:dayz_inventory image:" + icon_name );
  P:\scripts\5_mission\gui\inventorynew\inherited\attachmentcategoriescontainer.c (2 hits)
Line 126: 	image_widget.LoadImageFile( 0, "set:dayz_inventory image:" + icon_name );
Line 340: 	icon.GetGhostSlot().LoadImageFile( 0, "set:dayz_inventory image:cat_common_cargo" );
  P:\scripts\5_mission\gui\inventorynew\inherited\attachmentcategoriesrow.c (1 hit)
Line 1149: icon2.GetGhostSlot().LoadImageFile( 0,"set:dayz_inventory image:" + icon_name2 );
  P:\scripts\5_mission\gui\inventorynew\inherited\playercontainer.c (1 hit)
Line 123: 	icon.GetGhostSlot().LoadImageFile( 0, "set:dayz_inventory image:" + icon_name );
  P:\scripts\5_mission\gui\inventorynew\inherited\zombiecontainer.c (2 hits)
Line 679: 	icon.GetGhostSlot().LoadImageFile( 0, "set:dayz_inventory image:" + icon_name );
Line 712: 	icon.GetGhostSlot().LoadImageFile( 0, "set:dayz_inventory image:cat_common_cargo" );

if the above lines are adapted in a similar manner to the following:

if (icon_name.Contains("set:") || icon_name.Contains(".paa") || icon_name.Contains(".edds")))
  icon.GetGhostSlot().LoadImageFile(0, icon_name);
  icon.GetGhostSlot().LoadImageFile(0, "set:dayz_inventory image:" + icon_name);

This will allow modders to specify new icons either using a custom icon set, or single image file.

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I am new to this site. And thanks for sharing. And also see this fhx clash royale.

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Hello AussieCleetus.
We have resolved this for the 1.12 version!
You will be able to specify exact image set and icon by specifying:

set:<name_of_set> image:<name_of_image>

in following config classes:

GUIInventoryAttachmentsProps (icon config parameter)
CfgSlots (ghostIcon config parameter).


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