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Experimental 1.05 - Suppressed shots sound closer than they really are
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Every so often, I keep hearing nearby suppressed shots. Yet there is nobody close to me.

I also saw this happen in a TRMZ stream, and it was assumed that the new amphibia was the cause.

I just heard the same sound fire fully automatic, so I can’t just be the amphibia.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

I was near the petrol station west of Elektro.

I believe the suppressed shots were coming from the centre of Elektro, even though they sounded much closer.

Additional Information

This is probably a bit vague. I did record the session, so could probably upload an accompanying video, if you needed it.

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Hello EnterThePug.
Since we are unable to produce the issue, can you please provide us with the recording you have?

Here is the clip - Definitely sounds like it could be a suppressed shot, but also sounds like something isn't right to me. These shots had been happening for a few minutes before this clip, too.

Just throwing in my two cents: we had a friend on 1.05 Exp. in Novy shooting zombies with a MKII (Amphibia), we could hear the shots from Guglovo. It sounded as if the shots were coming from inside our own heads.

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@EnterThePug Basic destination supressors:

  1. reduce the noise level of the shot for the shooter - do not stun the shooter. The shooter may not use earplugs and remain able to evaluate sound effects at near and far distances.
  2. reduce the noise level of the shot for the enemy - deceive the enemy in the ability to determine the distance and direction of the shooter's dislocation.

I think this works correctly on your video. The sound of a rifle shot with a supressor sounds vague, it sounds in a wide horizontal angular range and it is difficult to understand the distance. The sound of a rifle shot without a supressor sounds definite, the direction to the sound source is easily determined, and you can understand the approximate distance to the sound source.

  1. suppressor is not able to hide the sound of a supersonic bullet barrier (cotton). One sound effect is heard from your video. It's hard to say what we hear. We don’t know where the shooter is, and we don’t understand what is heard, we hear the sound of a rifle shot from a supressor or the sound of a supersonic bullet threshold (pop). We don’t know in which direction the shot was fired, towards you or in the opposite direction. Watch this video and compare how the sounds of a shot sound in relation to the sound source and where the supersonic pop sounds. If shot towards you, the clap will sound close to you. If shot in the opposite direction from you, then the clap will sound far from you, farther than the shooter. In the video, turn on subtitles for your language.
To check if there is an error here or not, you need:

  • two players
  • players know each other's locations
  • One player shoots from a rifle with a suppressor, several shots in different directions.
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Hello everyone.
We have confirmed the issue with MKII and the issue has been scheduled for a fix. However, we still were unable to reproduce the issue with any other suppressed weapon. In case you come across any instance of this issue appearing with any other suppressed weapon besides MKII, please let us know here.

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This is still occurring on the stable branch of the game. There seems to be some sort of issue exclusive to the MKII where the shots are heard as if you are next to it, as long as you are within what would be the sound propagation circle of a rifle or other unsuppressed weapon.