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1.05 Experimental - New R to swap magazine bugs removed magazines
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The undocumented new function to hold R to change magazine will break the magazine removed from the weapon. That magazine cannot be refilled with bullets, neither by dragging and dropping in inventory nor by holding R with the magazine in your hand.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Shoot a few bullets with a weapon, hold R to swap magazine. Then try to refill the magazine that was replaced.

Additional Information

Happened with M4A1, I did not have access to any other weapon. I tried three times with the same result. Have not played again yet so I do not know if the problem persists or is resolved by relogging.

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Hello Beavis.
In case you experience the issue again in the future, can you please provide us with a video of the issue and possibly more detailed reproduction steps? As we have been unable to reproduce the issue so far.

Will do, I'll have a go at it when I get back from work.

Hello. This happened to me as well tonight with a the KA-M. Relogging fixed the issue.

After experiencing this the first time, I made a video where I was able to replicate the bug (see the video below):

  1. I load a magazine with 5 bullets into the gun (the mag from the gun goes into the top left slot in my field jacket)
  2. I fire the gun and empty the magazine
  3. I hold R to swap the magazine
  4. The magazine that is loaded into the gun is the mag that was in the gun originally. Now the empty magazine is in the top left slot in my field jacket.
  5. The empty magazine cannot be reloaded by holding R nor by dragging bullets to the magazine and holding LMB.
  6. The gun can still fire, but I cannot swap the magazine. I try every magazine in my inventory - none of them will load into the gun.
  7. Relogging fixes it.

Beavis changed Reproducibility from Always to Sometimes.Tue, Aug 20, 7:06 AM

Tried again this morning, now the M4A1 worked fine while the UMP desynced its mags. Funny thing is when I logged back in the bullets I spent before the mags broke were back in the magazines, as if they had never been fired, so it is some kind of desync I guess. Uploading video.

The issues above that Beavis talked about the bullets being desynced, is the one that leads to very bad hit registration issues. Hope to see this get fixed soon :)

This still happens in the current 1.05 stable as of 2019-09-11.