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Guns not being able to reload
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I've seen a lot of people saying their guns are not reloadable and they cannot shoot them I have encountered the same issue ever since 1.05

It seems to happen the most on the new guns however it seems all guns can have it happen it to them

Notable occurrences:
All the new guns.
The CR-527 Happens the most on this one.
Any other guns, A little less often on these but still happens.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

The CR is the most reliable for this glitch but any of the new guns (The rifle especially) can do this.

How to reproduce CR-527:
1.) Fire until your out of ammo.
2.) Repeat if necessary.
3.) Hold R to reload, Or take the ammo manually out of your inventory

Happens with the CR the most any other gun just follow these steps you'll know when it happens you can't fire or reload.

Additional Information

I called it Cursed guns and the CR is the most
the MK-2 seems pretty reliable for this not happening.