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Intercepting Login/Respawn events is almost impossible with 1.04
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So with 1.04 there has been changes made to class DayZGame and the way the player loads has changed.

we used to have the ability to force the client to NOT send data to server to continue the spawn/login event.
By not calling GetGame().StoreLoginData(params) it would stop the event, which meant we could have addition of spawn menus/other things.
Now we have very limited to 0 access in stopping that. Can't check if player from DB is alive ( on client ), Can't set custom queueTime from server via script.

Please consider re-viewing how login occurs, at the moment its too hard-codded. Im sure other modders would agree.
Addition of more data from database into one of these params would be great.


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Hi there,

I currently run Scripted, a new server that opened on 06/21/2019. We're now a top populated server on the DayZ Launcher and in the community. We have a lot of top streamers promoting it to thousands of players on Twitch. This feature is crucial to our communities feature-set as spawn selecting allows us to give our community the ability to play together.

By removing this and killing an established mod with over 100k+ subscribers, it'll be detrimentally hurting our community and throwing away a lot of the work that went into building VPPSpawnSelect. I ask that y'all reconsider or give a reasonable workaround to allow modders to stop a player from being injected into the world.


lagtek13012 added a subscriber: lagtek13012.EditedJun 26 2019, 12:42 PM

+1, We need something for this please. A spawn select mod is one of the best thing for modded servers

rVn claimed this task.Jun 26 2019, 1:25 PM

+1 Yep, it opens up new gameplays. Would really love to have it back!

The random spawning b/c you switched servers is great for server hoppers looking for loot...... Loot up a town and don't want to run to another one, just change servers and you will teleport to a new town to loot without having to make the run.....

rVn closed this task as Resolved.Jul 3 2019, 5:36 PM

Reintroduced function StoreLoginData() in 1.05, should be similar to the way it worked before the login changes

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